NaNoWriMo 2018

  So today NaNo started and I decided to give it a go again. I failed badly last year but this year I have a more cohesive support system and am going to do my best to stick to it every day, even if I don't write my goal of 500 / day. Today I... Continue Reading →

Journal Entry – February 29, 2010

The portals have opened!! I crossed over to Earth tonight, with Rovari practically shoving me out of the way as she flew into the portal at neck-break speed, shouting back to Mother that she would do whatever it took so that she, our mother, could join us on Earth and rule the humans. I was... Continue Reading →

Journal Entry – June 15, 2009

Tonight Father took me home with him so that I could spend some time with him. Uncle Jarod was there and made me so happy. Father cut our visit short when I paid too much attention to Uncle Jarod. I need to work on that. Uncle Jarod says there is talk about opening a portal... Continue Reading →

Journal Entry  — September 4, 2007

I saw my father today. On occasion he will come visit us. Not really to see us children, but to have time with Mother and have her give him more power so he can do whatever horrifying things he’s doing on Earth. I wish I could talk to Rovari about this. We used to be... Continue Reading →

**Trigger Warning** Diary – February 25, 2006

I wish I could have friends. I’m only allowed out at night to go to the all night bodegas to do beer runs and to run drug packages or check on my mother’s ‘girls’ to make sure they’re doing their job and not trying to steal from her. Tonight I met Gerard. He is one... Continue Reading →

**Trigger Warning** Diary Entry – March 19, 2005

  Yet another night of entertaining my mother’s “friends”. Why can’t she have normal FEMALE friends that don’t want to abuse and have sex with her thirteen-year-old daughter?  I want to know soooo badly why she does this. What made her this way? But the last time I asked her, I got beat so bad I... Continue Reading →

Edge of Nightmares Teaser #3

  “Treina, I...I didn’t mean to! I was coming to talk to you about some issues with one of the turntables, heard the yelling and got worried.  I...” Gina explains, looking at me, stammering. “I...wasn’t trying to spy! I was just concerned and wondered what all the screaming was about! Honest!” “Sure you weren’t,” Celerina... Continue Reading →

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