**TRIGGER WARNING*** Diary entry July 21, 2004

Pic by Anemone123

Why? Why me? Three men I had to entertain tonight. THREE. I’m TWELVE YEARS OLD. Why does homeschooling have to be a thing? I need help and have no way of getting out of this. Why is my mother like this? How could someone be so evil and put her child through this? Maybe something will happen soon — to her or me, i don’t care anymore at this point — because then it will end.


Edge of Nightmares Teaser #3



“Treina, I…I didn’t mean to! I was coming to talk to you about some issues with one of the turntables, heard the yelling and got worried.  I…” Gina explains, looking at me, stammering. “I…wasn’t trying to spy! I was just concerned and wondered what all the screaming was about! Honest!”

“Sure you weren’t,” Celerina says.

“Shut up Celerina! I will handle this!” I snap.

Gina turns back to Celerina. “Look lady. I don’t know who the hell you are or who you THINK you are, but you best watch it.”

I watch in horror as Gina steps up and gets in Celerina’s face.

“Gina NO!” I yell, trying to stop what I know is coming.

Celerina grabs a hold of Gina’s hair, pulling her in closer and snarling. “Listen here, girl. If anyone is to watch it, it would be you. I own this place, I own Treina, which means I own you. Now how much did you hear of our conversation?”

I’m watching Celerina manhandle Gina, trying to figure out how to stop this. I see Gina swallow hard and struggle, trying to get out of Celerina’s grip. “All of it.” She shifts her eyes to try and look at me. “What the fuck are you two involved in? I thought I knew you!” The hurt was apparent as Gina’s voice hitched, and I could see the tears welling up in her eyes. Gina then looks back at Celerina. “Apparently I was wrong.”

Celerina sneers and thrusts Gina backwards into Treina’s desk, making her yell out. I walk around to her, and placing a hand on her arm with sadness in my eyes, “I am so sorry Gina. No one was supposed to find out about any of this. I tried to straighten up my life and then she showed up.” She glares at Celerina.

“Secrets don’t keep themselves.” Celerina smiled – a hideous, terrifying, beautiful smile.

“I am the same person you’ve come to know, Gina. I just have some things in my life that no one knows about….no one else NEEDS to know about. You need to just go out, wait for me and we’ll discuss the issues, and you’re gonna forget whatever you heard in here, okay?”

Celerina glares at me.

“We can’t let her go after what she heard. How do we know we can trust her?”

I know. It’s why she’s been my dj and assistant manager all this time, because she has proven to me she can be trusted.”

I do my best to stress this to Celerina. The last thing I needed was for Celerina to do something to Gina and I’d have to cover up a death of someone that means the world to me. Gina is my best friend….hell my only friend….and I was NOT about to  let Celerina do anything to her.

“Just let her go Celerina. I will take responsibility for her.”

Celerina glares at both of us for a moment, snatches up her purse, and stalks to the door. Turning back slightly to look at me, her golden eyes glowing brightly.

“You definitely will take responsibility. We’ll talk more later when there aren’t any …..” she pauses glancing at Gina, “witnesses.”

With that she storms out of my office, muttering angrily in Brazilian. As I watched as she disappeared down the hallway, I knew I needed to get away from Celerina. I was not going to risk Gina, not for anything in the world.