Week 2, Day 5 – Brave New World

Today's Prompt is: "You have an enchanted backpack that gives you exactly what you need for that day. Today, you pull out a sword." Lily is up before sunrise and tries to be as quiet as a mouse as she gets dressed, throws her hair up in a bun, and stands looking at a bag... Continue Reading →

Week 2, Day 4 – Brave New World

Prompt: "You open the door to your house, and walk into some Men in Black wrestling with an alien in your living room." (adjusted to fit my world) Lily walks up the steps of the gorgeous elven structure that she calls her home and realizes that the door is slightly ajar.  She pushes the door... Continue Reading →

Week 2, Day 3 – Brave New World

Prompt: "You're on an elevator that stops between floors. The doors open." After his meeting with Khilseith, Linvanu needed to have some time to think. He told his second in command to keep an eye on things and he'd be back in an hour.  He took a deep breath and looked at the contraption in... Continue Reading →

Week 2, Day 2 – Brave New World

Today's Prompt is: "You look outside one morning and realize you're looking at a completely different city skyline." Lily stretches, turns over, and opens her eyes and blinks as she focuses on the canopy above her.  It takes her a moment until she realizes where she is.  She sighs and throws back the covers and... Continue Reading →

Week 1, Day 7- First Lines

(This is just a taste of this scene. More will be added to it for the novel -- Enjoy!) Prompt: "They don't make handcuffs like they used to." ( I am changing it to magic nullification for the purpose of this scene ) They don't make magic nullification spells like they used to as Khilseith, number... Continue Reading →

Week 1, Day 5 – First Lines

First Line: "She closes her eyes then counts to ten." She closes her eyes, then counts to ten. The electricity crackling around her slowly subsides as she mutters the numbers under her breath. Her fists were clenched when the magick started sparking, but now she flexes her hands and fingers as she tries to breathe... Continue Reading →

Week 1, Day 4 – First Lines

First Line: "He blinked, and she was gone." He blinked, and she was gone. This is how Khilseith felt when he and his wife Glynni lost their middle daughter. Shalana was still a young elf, only around 30 years old, strong in magick, and too curious for her own good and sadly, that curiosity and... Continue Reading →

Week 1, Day 3: First Lines

Prompt: Georgie (or another name/gender), stop playing with that. “Tiatha! Stop playing with that!” Tiatha sighs and puts the orb down and wanders around her father’s library. Figures she’d be the daughter of not only an elder, but one of the most powerful mages in Galna Alari. As she wanders, she slowly makes her way... Continue Reading →

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