Week 2, Day 5 – Brave New World

Today’s Prompt is: “You have an enchanted backpack that gives you exactly what you need for that day. Today, you pull out a sword.”

Lily is up before sunrise and tries to be as quiet as a mouse as she gets dressed, throws her hair up in a bun, and stands looking at a bag she was handed the night before. The bag looks simple and does not look like it is holding weapons of any kind, but she was told to look at the bag, think about what she needs or wants to train with, and then reach in the bag. So she takes a breath, thinks about what she wants, and reaches into the bag. She moves her hand around a bit, feeling the soft cloth that makes up the interior, then her fingertips brush something cool and round. She grabs hold of it and pulls out a basic rapier.  She stares at it for a moment, surprised that this was what she got, but, she had just thought about needing a proper weapon to train with when she meets with Captain Torthana. Out of curiosity, she thinks again, reaches into the bag, and pulls out a scabbard for the rapier. Smiling, she puts the rapier in the scabbard, attaches the belt to her waist, and then sneaks out of her chambers without alerting Amyra.

She waves at the guards as she walks out her door, goes and finds two guards that can escort her to the training area, and once they join her, they head over to meet with Captain Torthana.

The training area is  an open field, with training dummies forming a large circle.  Captain Torthana is in the center practicing. Lily stands and watches Torthana for a moment. Lily has seen most women swoon over Kelvhan Torthana.  He looks to stand around six feet tall, has broad shoulders, deep chocolate brown hair, and his eyes are a weathered burnished amber. The sides of his hair are kept in braids that are pulled back into a half ponytail while the rest of his hair flows to his shoulder in waves. Lily thinks to herself <He’s handsome I suppose, but I prefer my men intelligent more than handsome.>  She does a little half shrug, shakes her head, and calls out to the captain.

“Captain Torthana!”

He turns, swirling his sword, and sheathing it with a flourish, bowing to Lily as he faces her.

“My Queen.  Welcome to your first day of training.”

His eyes flick to the band around her waist and the weapon attached to it.

“I see you got a proper weapon from the bag. I told you you’d get what you needed.”

He waves his hand, inviting her to join him in the circle.

“Shall we begin?”

Week 2, Day 4 – Brave New World

Prompt: “You open the door to your house, and walk into some Men in Black wrestling with an alien in your living room.” (adjusted to fit my world)

Lily walks up the steps of the gorgeous elven structure that she calls her home and realizes that the door is slightly ajar.  She pushes the door open and peeks around it but doesn’t see anything. She walks in slowly, looking around, then hears yelling and scuffling noises coming from the council room.

Unsheathing the sword that is currently strapped to her waist, she rushes to the council room and kicks the door open. When the door flies open, she sees some her guards and some of the rangers who are dressed all in black wrestling with what she can only call a dog.

“WHAT is going on in here and WHAT is that!?” She bellows.

The guards and rangers continue to wrestle with this dog thing, barely noticing she was there. She stands at the ready with her sword in the case that it comes towards her, but stays a bit away from the tussle so she doesn’t get in the way.

Captain Torthana had been teaching her how to fight with a sword and while she wasn’t that good yet, she felt she could at least slow the creature down if it got away from the others. She stood on the balls of her feet, her right foot facing forward and knee bent, left leg behind, knee bent, and left foot somewhat sideways, & her arms up and her hands hold her sword in a long point guard. While she stands there, her eyes dart around the room watching for other intruders and she shifts her feet here and there as the fighting continues and moves around the room.

Finally, they subdue the creature and put a leash on it to keep it from taking off again. Lily moves closer so she can get a better look at it. She can see it is a mix of leaf and moss green with tan paws and underbelly, and glowing, dark orange eyes.  It has some of its fur braided, hanging like ropes from its head, and a long braid that wraps around its fluffy tail and then hangs down a couple inches from the tip. It has tall, long furry elven shaped ears that are green and tan at the bottom and fiery orange that goes from mid-ear to the tips.

“It’s….” Katar pauses as he calms his heavy breathing then continues, “It’s an elven dog, my queen.  This one got out of his master’s house and has been wrecking havoc through the city and for some reason came here.” He looks up at Lily, his eyebrow raised, confused.

“It came here on purpose?”

As they all stand and get the dog to its feet, it starts tugging on the leash moving towards Lily. Everyone pulls on the leash or stands between it and Lily. Curious, Lily shoos the guards to the side and holds her hand out to the creature.  She squats down so she is closer to eye level and looks into its eyes as she’s holding her hand out.

“It’s okay. I won’t hurt you. You need to stay calm and stop causing problems in my city you hear me?” She talks softly to the creature, hoping that the techniques used in the human world would work on him.

As soon as the dog sniffs her fingers, it nuzzles them, and then gives her a dog-like grin. She carefully runs her fingers up the dog’s muzzle to rub its fur and play with his ears. The dog sits down and lets her, never taking its eyes off of her.  She grins at the dog as her fingers tickles the tips of his ears and then she moves slightly so her fingertips can run down its head so she can touch the various braids that decorate its body.

The guards and rangers stand and stare at what is unfolding in front of them. Never have they seen an elven dog react to anyone like this before. They are all very loyal to the Galnariens, but none of those present have ever seen one allow someone to be so affectionate.

“Who does it belong to?” She asks as she continues to pet the creature, who has now laid down at her feet and has its eyes closed as if it is going to sleep.

“Lord Kelleth, my queen. His son is Luirlan, the young lordling that squires to Lord Anafiel.”

“Alright. Someone bring Lord Kelleth here. I need to speak with him regarding Jhaan.”

“Jhaan? Who’s that?”

“That’s his name.” She smiles up at everyone as she stands, waving her hand towards the dog.

“How…..” Katar stops mid-question and shakes his head. “Never mind my queen. We will go back to our posts and someone will bring Lord Kelleth to you shortly.”

All of them salute her, one of the rangers takes off to retrieve Jhaan’s owner, and all but two of the remaining leave to return to their posts.





Week 2, Day 3 – Brave New World

Prompt: “You’re on an elevator that stops between floors. The doors open.”

After his meeting with Khilseith, Linvanu needed to have some time to think. He told his second in command to keep an eye on things and he’d be back in an hour.  He took a deep breath and looked at the contraption in front of him.  It is a wooden platform with three wooden half walls with railings for stability and runs on a pulley system that was built by the dark dwarves that lived under the adjoining city of Obsidian Valley.  He steps into it and clutches the railing and pulls on the rope twice to let the Cayheri at the bottom know where he wants to go.

The make-shift elevator bounces a little as it starts downward, then is smooth until it comes to its destination. The wooden lift jerks so hard as it stops between floors, Linvanu has to grip the railings with both hands to keep from falling over and sends a stream of harsh words down at the elf running the lift.

“Bozi Txa! Chent!”

“I am sorry my King! The rope stuck!”

“NO excuses! Fix it or spend tend days in the dungeon!”

Linvanu swears some more under his breath as he knocks on the wall and watches the wall shimmer to life and steps into it.  As soon as he is inside the hidden cave, the door disappears. He stands still for a moment, taking a few breaths to calm himself, before he walks forward and sits in front of the wall that has elvish writing on it.

He brushes the wall to remove any dirt and dust that has accumulated and then lets his palm rest on it.

“Hello my love. I am sorry it’s been so long.”


Week 2, Day 2 – Brave New World

Today’s Prompt is: “You look outside one morning and realize you’re looking at a completely different city skyline.”

Lily stretches, turns over, and opens her eyes and blinks as she focuses on the canopy above her.  It takes her a moment until she realizes where she is.  She sighs and throws back the covers and sits up. She pulls on the robe that her handmaiden had laid on the end of the bed for her, thinking <that is so weird that I have a handmaiden!>, then walks over to the balcony and looks out over the city of Galna Alari.

The sight took her breath away. The sun was just coming up and the light was filtering through the trees, hitting the exquisite elven city so perfectly that the colors from the buildings sparkled spectacularly sending rainbows all over the gardens. Lily was in awe over this displace of perfection and beauty and truly realized she was in a different world now. She had seen gorgeous sunrises before, but this scene was something the humans would truly describe as heaven and could only imagine in their dreams.


Week 1, Day 7- First Lines

(This is just a taste of this scene. More will be added to it for the novel — Enjoy!)

Prompt: “They don’t make handcuffs like they used to.” ( I am changing it to magic nullification for the purpose of this scene )

They don’t make magic nullification spells like they used to as Khilseith, number one priority prisoner of Queen Liliana, was about to find out.

He had been in this horrid place for what seemed like months, and it had only been a few days.  It was dirty, small, and all he had to sleep on was a disgusting piece of cloth they called a blanket.

“If I could only use some magick, I’d make this place a bit more livable!”

“Have you tried lately Uncle?”

A soft whisper came out of the darkness, followed by his beloved nephew and apprentice, Kyrenic.

“Kyrenic! What are you doing here? If they find you….”

“They won’t. I’ve taken care of them.” Kyrenic grins at his uncle. “Try your magic and lets get you out of here.”

“What are you babbling about boy? This whole cell has had a nullification spell cast on it! Have you been into my wine again or have you just lost your mind?”

Kyrenic rolls his eyes and runs his hands over the shimmering wall that stands between him and his master. As Khilseith watches, there is a small /whoosh\ sound. He reaches a hand out and the glowing wall disappears. He reaches out and grabs his nephew, yanking him to him.

“How did you do it?  And why did you take so long!?”

He hugs him tightly and as soon as Kyrenic can breathe again, “The nullification spell had to have been done by an amateur because it was way to easy to bring down. Now we must go, Linvanu’s nephew is waiting for us and we don’t have much time before someone realizes what’s going on.”

The two slip out of Khilseith’s cage, but not before Khilseith turns, waves his hand, and sets fire to everything, not caring that this would probably burn down the dungeon and everyone left in it.  He laughs maniacally and then runs after his nephew. This was only the beginning of his revenge.



Week 1, Day 5 – First Lines

First Line: “She closes her eyes then counts to ten.”

She closes her eyes, then counts to ten. The electricity crackling around her slowly subsides as she mutters the numbers under her breath. Her fists were clenched when the magick started sparking, but now she flexes her hands and fingers as she tries to breathe through the overwhelming and almost suffocating cloud of magic that wants to envelop her and lash out at everything in front of her.

Through her tightened jaw, “Mother. How,” she swallows and unclenches her teeth, “how can you not understand why I am so upset?” She says all of this very carefully, trying very hard to keep control.

Talia backs up, a bit frightened at this scene of magickal power from her daughter.

“Lily. Please honey. We did it to keep you safe. We’ve told you that. Please control your magick,” her mother begs.

“I am trying, Mother. I have no idea how to fully control this as Father and Khilseith have not started my lessons yet,” she takes another breath as she feels the magick trying to get through again. “I am only keeping control out of instinct, and the more you give me excuses, the harder it is going to be for me to keep calm.”

“I…I will get your father then, or Lord Olastra,” Talia starts to move closer to the door.

“NO!” Lily flings her arms in the opposite direction of her mother, because with all her faults, Talia is still her mother and she doesn’t want to kill her because she can’t control her powers. As her arms swing around, lightning flies across the room, shattering everything in its path. Vases, bits of wall, tables, all explode into pieces, sending projectiles everywhere like a bomb just went off. Her mother instantly hits the floor to avoid getting hit by anything, covering her head with her arms.

Lily screams in frustration as the lightning continues to streak and bounce around the room. The doors come flying open as Theren, Khilseith, and half of the guards come running in thinking the women were being attacked. They all ducked as bolts go zipping over their heads. Khilseith throws up a shield around everyone but him and Lily as he moves towards her to help calm her and keep the rest safe from her wild magick.

“Liliana! Breathe! Deep breaths! Concentrate!” He barks at her as he continues moving towards her.

“I’M TRYING but she just makes me SO ANGRY!” As those last words leave her lips, a fireball shoots off and puts a large hole in the outer wall, burning through the trees in the garden directly outside, and finally fizzles when it hits the fountain.

She falls to her knees sobbing and weak. Khilseith moves to her and scoops her up in his arms, waving his hand over her and sending her into a deep sleep. He releases the shield and looks at her parents.

“Might I suggest that Lady Talia stay away from Liliana until she has more control over her emotions AND her magick? Theren, we need to start her lessons immediately. She has way more power than even I suspected.” He nods at all of them. “Guards! Follow me so I may get her settled in her chambers and she can sleep off all this energy she just sent everywhere.”

The guards salute Theren and Talia and then some follow Khilseith while the rest go to get some help to clean up the mess their queen just made.

Theren looks down as his wife and shakes his head as he helps her stand.

“I warned you this would happen,” and he walks off, leaving his wife to collect herself and go to her chambers so she could grieve in peace for the life and daughter she no longer had.

Week 1, Day 4 – First Lines

First Line: “He blinked, and she was gone.”
He blinked, and she was gone.
This is how Khilseith felt when he and his wife Glynni lost their middle daughter. Shalana was still a young elf, only around 30 years old, strong in magick, and too curious for her own good and sadly, that curiosity and attitude like her father is what killed her.
It was a day like any other day. Shalana went to Khilseith’s tower for her lesson and her father had not gotten there yet. So, being the curious youngling she was, she started poking around his tower until she found an old bottle with swirling purple and silver liquid that she had never seen before. Her curiosity got the better of her and she drank it, as she didn’t know she could have checked it using her magic since she was still learning. After taking a sip and nothing happened, she took a couple more sips and put the bottle back down and continued exploring Khilseith’s tower. She had only taken three steps when she started feeling really nauseous and pustules started appearing on her arms. She ran over to the mirror on her father’s desk and saw matching bumps appearing all over her face. She started to scream a blood-curdling sound and ran out of the tower.
“FATH… HEL….. HRL…..” her shout was cut off as she started gurgling and choking on her saliva as it was boiling her alive from the inside.
Khilseith was just coming out of their house when he heard Shalana. He snapped his finger and teleported right to his little girl. But he was too late. He found his middle child…his beloved prodigy daughter….dead. Her body lay sprawled on the walkway covered in pus, neon green saliva covering most of her face and oozing down her chest, ruining her clothes.
“Shalana! What? NOOOOO!” He wails so loud, the animals surrounding his tower scatter.
Waving his hand, the ooze disappears but there was only so much he could do about the pockmarks that were left from the pustules, marring Shalana’s once pristine skin. He pulled her to him, the anguish rolling off of him in waves of magic. It was a good thing that his tower and home were on the outskirts of Galna Alari because anyone walking by would have been knocked out from his power.
He teleports the two of them to their home and lays her gently on the chaise in the front room.
His wife and eldest come downstairs, looking at each other, rolling their eyes, wondering why he is shouting now. This was a normal occurrence, so they were not expecting the sight that reached them when they got to the bottom of the stairs and entered their living room. As soon as they see Shalana, the two fall together to the floor sobbing.
Glynni looks up at her husband, her eyes pleading with him to explain, but Khilseith’s eyes were only for his child. He did not see a teenager in front of him but the baby she had been been a mere thirty years before. He fell to his knees beside her body, his shoulders shaking as he wept silently. He knew he would lose the rest of his family if he let his grief take full control of his emotions, so he swallowed the sadness, gripped the couch she lay on, and did his best to hang on to what sanity had left at the moment. It was like a nightmare come true.
He had blinked…..and she was gone.

Week 1, Day 3: First Lines

Prompt: Georgie (or another name/gender), stop playing with that.
“Tiatha! Stop playing with that!”
Tiatha sighs and puts the orb down and wanders around her father’s library. Figures she’d be the daughter of not only an elder, but one of the most powerful mages in Galna Alari. As she wanders, she slowly makes her way back to the orb. She was fascinated with the colors and patterns that swirled around in it. She reaches out and runs her finger down it, fascinated how the magic inside follows her fingertip.
“TIATHA!” Khilseith turns away from the book he was trying to read to glare at his youngest daughter. “I told you to stop playing with that!”
“I’m not playing, Father,” exasperated she turns to look at him, her finger still on the orb. “I’m simplty touching it.”
“Do you even know what that is?”
“No but it’s really neat. I can feel the power in it.” She looks back at the orb and raises an elegant eyebrow at it. “Why must you keep the magic trapped Father? It needs to come out!”
She taps her finger against it and sparks start flying from the very minute crack her nail created. Khilseith runs to her and snatches her out of the way right as a streak of magic was about to hit her. Energy flies from his hand as he shields her in a bubble, immobilizing her for a few moments. As the one hand is making sure Tiatha is safe, the other is swirling black smoke around the orb, containing the magic that had been slipping out. Once his other hand is free, he uses it to cast a mending spell that seals the crack, pushing the magic back inside the orb. After making sure all is well, he places both hands on the table the orb and its stand sits upon, his head hanging as he takes a couple of deep breaths to control the rage that is bubbling up.
<Must…not…let her see. Must…not…harm my daughter.> His thoughts swirl and rage in his head as he repeats these words silently over and over til he is calm once more. He looks up at the orb that now sits just as pretty as it was before the incident and he breathes a soft sigh of exasperation and turns to look at his child.
He waves his hand through the air and the soft pink bubble dissipates and she can move again.
“Father! What in the world!? Why did you immobilize me?” She yells indignant.
“I told you to not play with it. You still have not gained full control over your abilities and I knew something was going to happen when you touched that orb. That magic is not something you are ready for and it could have killed you!”
He steps towards his daughter and pulls her into a tight embrace.
“I don’t know what I would do if I lost any of my girls.” He says softly as he kisses the top of her head. “I am not trying to be mean when I ask you to not touch certain things, my little Tia. I just don’t want you hurt while you find your way through the confusion that magic can cause.”
Tiatha returns Khilseith’s hug and nods, then looks up. “I assume this could be called my lesson for the day then?” She gives him a little sheepish grin.
He laughs and hugs her again then releases her.
“Yes, this was a HUGE lesson for you today. When I ask you to stop playing with something….”
“Stop playing or touching whatever it was and find something more constructive to do!” She finishes for him, laughing with him. “Alright Father. I will let you get back to your studies then. Gi melin.”
He smiles at her. “I love you too, my little Tia.”