Update, cinematic brain, non-writers, and readers

Hi all! Sorry it's been awhile. I broke my pinkie toe, ran headfirst into Fiction Expedition with the amazing Debbie Burns, and have been working diligently on A Royal's Undoing, the first book in my Vaedrathan Chronicles. I have the first two chapters written, 3-4 scenes (the prompts I've shared) that will get put in... Continue Reading →

New pen name and story brain dump

As I'm sure you all have noticed I have changed my name on here. Being as I write different genres, I decided to have a pen name to differentiate between my kids books and the rest of my writings and after discussing with hubby and soul sisters, we came up with Cyn A. Snow. Cyn,... Continue Reading →

#CharacterDeepDive – Lily’s Worst Fear

    Lily was in the council room looking over some papers when she heard the door open. She turned to see who it was and raised an eyebrow when she saw it was her father, mother, and the 3 of the other elders. “Uhhh… is everything okay? What’s with the group entrance?” Her father... Continue Reading →

#CharacterDeepDive Part II — Main Character Liliana Mordov

  Prompt #1 Lily and Dmitrie stood behind the doors waiting to be announced. Lily’s left arm, settled lightly on top of his right, trembled making the lace from her sleeve cause slight goose bumps to appear on his alabaster skin. He patted her hand and smiled at her. “It will be okay your Majesty,”... Continue Reading →

CDD #5 Khilseith’s Apprentice

  Khilseith was sitting in his mage tower pouring over some of the ancient texts, looking for more information about the Great Owl Throne.  His work area has shelves full of books, potions, empty vials, and rows of scrolls full of magick spells. A soft knock on his door makes him slam the book closed... Continue Reading →

CDD #4 Khilseith’s Emotions

Theren Mordov, Elder of Clan Brinnai and High Shaman of the Elder Council, went around to gather the rest of the elders, letting them know that something of upmost importance has happened and that they all need to get to the Celestial Sanctuary quickly. Retrieving Elders Pettoris, Anafiel, and Pavaris were easy as none of... Continue Reading →

CDD #3 Khilseith’s ‘Power’ Grab

The Great Owl Throne of Galrena had been missing for one hundred years and now because the rightful heir, Liliana Mordov, had returned, so too had the throne. The throne had been made by the wood elves eons ago and some of their goddess Galrena’s essence had been put into it as a way of... Continue Reading →

CDD #2 – Downfall of Khilseith

(this may or may NOT be in the book...I am not sure yet..breakthroughs threw wrenches that I'm still fixing!) Khilseith sits straight up as he hears someone banging on his front door and yelling for him. “What is going on Khil? What’s all the noise?” His wife Glynni asks sleepily. “Dad! What’s up with the... Continue Reading →

Character Deep Dive Prompt #1

  After being rudely dismissed from the meeting with the Queen, Khilseith went to find Aimon. Aimon has been his only true friend since they were very very young elves. As he was searching for him, he was interrupted by one of his guards.. “Lord Olastra! I have an urgent message for you from,” the... Continue Reading →

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