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Word Count is over 9,000!


Just popping in to say hi, hope you all are having a great weekend and to say that I have almost hit the 13k mark on my novel! Have a prologue even and am making some adjustments to my first chapter thanks to some amazing feedback from fellow writers/coach.  So things are trucking along good, breakthroughs are happening, and the story is coming to life one scene at a time!

Update, cinematic brain, non-writers, and readers


Hi all! Sorry it’s been awhile. I broke my pinkie toe, ran headfirst into Fiction Expedition with the amazing Debbie Burns, and have been working diligently on A Royal’s Undoing, the first book in my Vaedrathan Chronicles.

I have the first two chapters written, 3-4 scenes (the prompts I’ve shared) that will get put in when I get to their spots, have done a couple of ‘character sheets’/deep dives on my main players, and have notes all over the place.

Today I will be working on the prologue and starting the 3rd chapter, along with filling in more character info since some of them are finally starting to open up to me more LOL!

That is one thing that a lot of non-writers/non-creatives do not understand, and trying to explain it is even harder. Our art, characters, stories talk to us. A fellow writer and becoming a good friend told me today that she wished she had a ‘cinematic brain’ that a lot of us writers have. I told her it is not always a blessing as some of us that have this cinematic brain can’t turn it off so it creeps into our dreams / nightmares as well. Don’t get me wrong. I love being able to ‘see’ my scenes, but it would be nice if I had an off switch for it sometimes. I also wish that ‘seeing’ these scenes gave me a better ability to write it out.

Another thing that most non-writers don’t get. We put a LOT of work into our books. We don’t just sit down and have it all flow out perfectly the first time!  It takes a TON of research to get the right colors, scenes, clothing/armor/weapons, political bullshit, etc done right. We have to watch our grammar and create believable characters. And our muses don’t always want to cooperate with us. There are days when I can’t get anything down on paper. There are days when I can crank out almost 2,000 words. Then there are days when all I can do is work on my world or a character or two in that world.

This is why we ask for opinions. This is why we ask for reviews. We work very hard to give readers great stories to bury themselves in and we like to know that people are enjoying (or even hating) what we write. Not everyone will like what we write, and that’s OKAY. Because there ARE people that love what we write. People that ask us if there is going to be more. Will there be a series? When they tell us they love the scenes we ‘painted’ it makes our day. We love hearing that our readers love/hate certain characters and why.

So next time you read a book/short story/poem, make sure you let the author know what you think. If you liked it, PLEASE tell us. If you didn’t like it, don’t be rude about it. Let us know with constructive criticism or just tell us it’s not your thing and then move on to things that ARE your thing. We appreciate all the feedback as long as you aren’t being an ass about it.

Hope you all have a blessed day!


New pen name and story brain dump

As I’m sure you all have noticed I have changed my name on here. Being as I write different genres, I decided to have a pen name to differentiate between my kids books and the rest of my writings and after discussing with hubby and soul sisters, we came up with Cyn A. Snow. Cyn, being short for Cynthia/Cyndi, A- my middle initial, and Snow, which is my mother’s maiden name. This way I still have my actual name, it’s just a little different. Let me know what you think down in the comments!

Now. I am in a 6 month writing intensive, as I’ve discussed and during our first week which started Sunday, we have to do what’s called a Story Brain Dump. It helps us go over important things in the story to make sure we have all the components sorted and to write out anything else that pops up that we feel is important to the story.  SO far, my favorite part that I’ve done is the “What is the world like?” and I’m going to share what I’ve written for it so far and maybe will share what I add later but we’ll see as I don’t want to give away too much hehe!

And away we go! Enjoy and again, make sure you let me know what you think in the comments! I love getting suggestions or hearing other’s thoughts on what I write. Helps make my writing better. Thank you!

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“What’s the world like?”

My world is a hidden realm called Vaedrathan nestled in the northwestern part of England. It is filled with elves of different flavors, dwarves that mine the most beautiful of gemstones & build fantastic cites, orcs that rule the desert with blood and lightning, and mysterious ruins that are rumored to be overrun with the undead.

*Here is my map that I made on inkarnate.com — rough idea of Vaedrathan at the moment*


Outline and World Building!


142 words tonight.

Doesn’t seem like a lot to some, but being as it’s an outline to help me set up/flesh out the world of Vaedrathan as I know it right now, it is a lot. Plus, it got typed into my app on my phone, then hand-written into a notebook, then typed into Google docs.

Pretty excited as I know more about this world than my other ones, so that definitely tells me that this is THE book. Can’t wait to really dive into it when Fiction Expedition starts with the AMAZING FANTASTICAL Head Unicorn Debbie Burns !!!

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Work work work!



Lots of stuff going on in ‘Behind the Headlines’!  Towns/cities being populated / built up, story angle going sideways, and characters are changing to human instead of anthro due to where story line is going and concern about easier flow of story.

Thank goodness this is a first draft and I can shift things early before I really get going on the story.

So on that note..I’m gonna give y’all a little bit of a teaser! Yay for teasers!

“Seems Mr. Bennett made sure that Leo, uhh…Mr. Covaci saw your interview, Miss Andrews,” her boss says as he moves back behind his desk.

“And I am very impressed. Very impressed,” he gives Suzie a crooked smile. “That is why I am here, Miss Andrews. I am in need of a good journalist. Sadly, Rivenpoint lacks actual journalists,” he rolls his eyes and lights up a cigarette. “Ya see, the people I employ prefer writing about gossip, food, and the next wedding instead of real news.” He grins over at Benny then looks back at Suzie.

“So, I have asked Benny here if I could borrow ya for a bit. Ya see, I have some peoples I need interviewed and you, my new friend, are just who I am lookin’ for!” He gives her a big grin with a wicked glint in his eyes.

Suzie just stares at him, then at Mr. Pindergast, then back at Mr. Covaci. “Are you..”she swallows, “Are you serious? You…you do know I am not old enough to leave town yet?”

“OH yea. I am aware we haf’ta wait a week til you are of age and such, but you is worth waitin’ for!” While Suzie stands there dumbfounded, Leopold looks over at Benny and gives him a sly wink and hands him an envelope. “This should cover whatever she’ll need and then some!”

He holds his hand out to Suzie again. “I look forward to seein’ ya in Rivenpoint in 3 weeks, Miss Andrews! You can even bring a friend or two so they can enjoy our city as well.”

Suzie shakes his hand, the look of shock still on her face. She shakes her head once she realizes his hand is in hers again. “Oh! Yes Mr. Covaci! I will be there. I shall send a note when we are on our way! Thank you so very much for this opportunity!”

Leopold snickers quietly but smiles at Suzie. “No problem! Thank you for accepting! Oh and please, call me Leo.” He gives them a slight bow and walks out, doing a little jig before he gets into the elevator.

Suzie turns to Benny, still stunned somewhat. “Did you know Mr. Bennett did this? And I really hope my folks will be ok with this!”

Benny looks at her, not a worry on his face, as his fingers play with the wad of cash that was in the envelope Leo handed him.

“I have no doubts they will let you go. Especially when they find out that all your expenses are paid, you will have play money, AND I’m giving you a raise on top of that!”

He grins and waves her away. “Now go find something to report for tomorrow’s paper. We’ll talk about this more once you have turned 16 next week and we can plan your trip. Also decide who you wish to take with you, although I am sure Sally will be going with you.” He laughs and goes back to counting the money on his desk.

Suzie nods. “Of course sir! Thank you for this! I promise I won’t let you down!”

As she practically runs out of his office, Benny mutters to himself, “Let’s hope not. The organization doesn’t take kindly to screw-ups.”

I hope you enjoyed the update and the teaser! Be sure to leave a comment or come follow me on my various social media to keep up with the goings on in my world of Lotharia©.5600149ae6d669ccd4b66e3f304bf097



Behind the Headlines update


What happens when crimes are uncovered by an anthropomorphic journalist and her friends? How will they handle finding out people they have trusted most of their lives are involved? What will they do with the information? Keep an eye on this spot or checkout my social media to find out.:

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~Love, Peace, and Blessings~

Motivation and Word Count


Since I started writing with regularity, as the above pic says, my desire to write has grown. This new world that is growing every day is fun and I really hope everyone enjoys it once I have the stories published.

Yesterday’s Word Count was 1594, bringing the total count for the first story of Tales of Llanbriar Crossing to 6776. I was hoping to finish it yesterday, but apparently the story isn’t done yet but hopefully should be done over the next couple of days before the weekend gets here. I am really excited to have his done and get some beta readers to look over it while I start the next story. After talking with my best friends and my editor, I am hoping to put together about 5 or 6 for the Tales book, I plan on being busy busy this year. On top of that, I am hoping to finish the first Cassari book, Gem of Krysvaris© and another short story collection that I am doing with Pattimouse with the critters of Birchwood Grove.

All of this could not be possible without the amazing support I have gotten from my closest friends, my husband, and a lot  of new writer friends as well. They keep me going when I want to stop and I love them for it. They have helped me see that I am good at this and I should NOT stop because of my own self-doubts and I definitely shouldn’t stop just because some people don’t like what I write.  So thank you, all of you, for helping me work on realizing my dream.

~Love, Peace, and Blessings~