Meet the Urban Faery

My Credo:
Urban faery, modern mermaid
I find magic in the mundane
Fantastical in the every day
Each story a gateway
— from darkness to fantasy
— from stress to delight
Pick up the book
Step into a new world
Forget real life for awhile
Recharge your light
I’ve got you!

I am the Urban faery, a modern mermaid, and I find magic in the mundane.

I see the fantastical in the every day and each story is a gateway. I bring you from darkness to fantasy and from stress to delight. Just pick up the book, step into a new world. I will help you forget about real life for awhile and help you recharge your light.

I write for those that love to delve into fantasy settings. The young, the old, and the young-at-heart. The sword-fighting adventurers and the hidden magical creatures: my fellow faeries and others, like elves, goblins, and orcs.

So come! Visit my worlds, where political intrigue rules the day and murders are not uncommon. Join the ranks of elves who struggle over the power of the throne or delve into the underworld that rules New Seattle and hang out with humans, orcs, elves, infernal touched, and halflings.

Follow me into more than a book! Follow me into another world, and away from the problems of your human one.

Cyn is an urban faery living in Jacksonville, NC with her shaman husband Greywolfe and their hunter/protector cat, Boots. When she isn’t hanging out with faeries, elves, and other fantasy creatures (so she can write epic stories!), she and hubby are playing D&D, Vampire the Masquerade, or Werewolf the Apocalypse.


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