**Trigger Warning**Diary Entry — August 18th, 2006

3 days ago, I finally got out.  Thanks to some connections Ive made through runs Ive made, and doing some things I'm not proud of, I got ahold of some pills that knocked my mother and the 3 men she had lined up for me. They made the mistake of letting me make their drinks... Continue Reading →

**Trigger Warning** Diary – February 25, 2006

I wish I could have friends. I’m only allowed out at night to go to the all night bodegas to do beer runs and to run drug packages or check on my mother’s ‘girls’ to make sure they’re doing their job and not trying to steal from her. Tonight I met Gerard. He is one... Continue Reading →

**Trigger Warning** Diary Entry – March 19, 2005

  Yet another night of entertaining my mother’s “friends”. Why can’t she have normal FEMALE friends that don’t want to abuse and have sex with her thirteen-year-old daughter?  I want to know soooo badly why she does this. What made her this way? But the last time I asked her, I got beat so bad I... Continue Reading →

**TRIGGER WARNING*** Diary entry July 21, 2004

Why? Why me? Three men I had to entertain tonight. THREE. I'm TWELVE YEARS OLD. Why does homeschooling have to be a thing? I need help and have no way of getting out of this. Why is my mother like this? How could someone be so evil and put her child through this? Maybe something... Continue Reading →

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