Edge of Nightmares Teaser #3

  “Treina, I...I didn’t mean to! I was coming to talk to you about some issues with one of the turntables, heard the yelling and got worried.  I...” Gina explains, looking at me, stammering. “I...wasn’t trying to spy! I was just concerned and wondered what all the screaming was about! Honest!” “Sure you weren’t,” Celerina... Continue Reading →

Edge of Nightmares Teaser from Treina’s POV.

I just rewrote the scene between Treina and Arkmenos and I am so in love with it from her POV! It is now at 2372 because I added a bit. Here is my favorite bit from it. Make sure to let me know in the comments what you think of it! As I am standing... Continue Reading →

Edge of Nightmares — Teaser

“Fa…,” she coughed. “Arkmenos. I have done such awful things in my life and I just can’t do it anymore. I am watching young women and men have their lives ruined because the people I work for and with are depraved individuals.”   She puts her face in her hands and starts crying.   “These...creatures...I... Continue Reading →

Character Introduction: Arkmenos Kilrak

**Little information first -- My mentor Debbie Burns, who runs an amazing writing course called Fiction Expedition, gives us worksheets for what she calls Character Deep Dives. It's to help us really 'dive' into our characters for our stories so that we can make them really come alive. SO that's what I'm going to be... Continue Reading →

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