Edge of Nightmares Teaser #3



“Treina, I…I didn’t mean to! I was coming to talk to you about some issues with one of the turntables, heard the yelling and got worried.  I…” Gina explains, looking at me, stammering. “I…wasn’t trying to spy! I was just concerned and wondered what all the screaming was about! Honest!”

“Sure you weren’t,” Celerina says.

“Shut up Celerina! I will handle this!” I snap.

Gina turns back to Celerina. “Look lady. I don’t know who the hell you are or who you THINK you are, but you best watch it.”

I watch in horror as Gina steps up and gets in Celerina’s face.

“Gina NO!” I yell, trying to stop what I know is coming.

Celerina grabs a hold of Gina’s hair, pulling her in closer and snarling. “Listen here, girl. If anyone is to watch it, it would be you. I own this place, I own Treina, which means I own you. Now how much did you hear of our conversation?”

I’m watching Celerina manhandle Gina, trying to figure out how to stop this. I see Gina swallow hard and struggle, trying to get out of Celerina’s grip. “All of it.” She shifts her eyes to try and look at me. “What the fuck are you two involved in? I thought I knew you!” The hurt was apparent as Gina’s voice hitched, and I could see the tears welling up in her eyes. Gina then looks back at Celerina. “Apparently I was wrong.”

Celerina sneers and thrusts Gina backwards into Treina’s desk, making her yell out. I walk around to her, and placing a hand on her arm with sadness in my eyes, “I am so sorry Gina. No one was supposed to find out about any of this. I tried to straighten up my life and then she showed up.” She glares at Celerina.

“Secrets don’t keep themselves.” Celerina smiled – a hideous, terrifying, beautiful smile.

“I am the same person you’ve come to know, Gina. I just have some things in my life that no one knows about….no one else NEEDS to know about. You need to just go out, wait for me and we’ll discuss the issues, and you’re gonna forget whatever you heard in here, okay?”

Celerina glares at me.

“We can’t let her go after what she heard. How do we know we can trust her?”

I know. It’s why she’s been my dj and assistant manager all this time, because she has proven to me she can be trusted.”

I do my best to stress this to Celerina. The last thing I needed was for Celerina to do something to Gina and I’d have to cover up a death of someone that means the world to me. Gina is my best friend….hell my only friend….and I was NOT about to  let Celerina do anything to her.

“Just let her go Celerina. I will take responsibility for her.”

Celerina glares at both of us for a moment, snatches up her purse, and stalks to the door. Turning back slightly to look at me, her golden eyes glowing brightly.

“You definitely will take responsibility. We’ll talk more later when there aren’t any …..” she pauses glancing at Gina, “witnesses.”

With that she storms out of my office, muttering angrily in Brazilian. As I watched as she disappeared down the hallway, I knew I needed to get away from Celerina. I was not going to risk Gina, not for anything in the world.


Edge of Nightmares Teaser from Treina’s POV.

I just rewrote the scene between Treina and Arkmenos and I am so in love with it from her POV! It is now at 2372 because I added a bit. Here is my favorite bit from it. Make sure to let me know in the comments what you think of it!

As I am standing outside, I look up at the clouds and watch dark ones start to roll in, and think <<how fitting this is for what I’m about to speak of.>>

I peek into the windows that were on either side of the door. The chapel was just a small building with a few pews on one side of the main room, with what looked like a couple of different altars set up, and candles taking up most of the room to give off soft, peaceful light.

After taking a few deep breaths, I push the door open, just enough to stick my head in.

“Umm…hello? Is ….is anyone here?”

As I am looking into the dimly lit room, a tall half-demon, dressed in a button up off-white shirt with his sleeves rolled up, dark brown cargo pants, and black boots, steps into the light I let in through the open door.

“Yes I am here. How can I help you, Miss…..?” He answers.

I’ve seen a few of the half-demons around the city, one in particular that I know better than I’d like to, but the one standing in front of me was stunning. His dark red skin shone in the soft light and the candlelight glistened on his horns. His eyes looked like pools of gold. I shook my head, closing my eyes to gather my thoughts. <<FOCUS Rei.>>

“Just call me Rei. Safer that way. I’m sorry to bother you Pastor, but…”

“Just Arkmenos is fine…Rei.”

He walked up to me and he has a beautiful smile. He reached around me to open the door more. “Come, sit. Talk to me and tell me what is bothering you.”

I finished entering the chapel, an audible sigh emitting from me as he closed the door and then ushered me to a pew. He didn’t touch me, but I could feel the heat from his hand that he had hovering near my back. I did my best to not shake as I walked, but considering why I was there, it was damned hard not to.

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Edge of Nightmares — Teaser

“Fa…,” she coughed. “Arkmenos. I have done such awful things in my life and I just can’t do it anymore. I am watching young women and men have their lives ruined because the people I work for and with are depraved individuals.”


She puts her face in her hands and starts crying.


“These…creatures…I can’t call them people because neither of them are human…are horrible….HORRIBLE. One of them is a Naga who can now walk like a human thanks to this female half-demon…..” She pauses and looks up at me, a pained look crossing her face.


“I..I’m sorry, I know you are half-demon but you aren’t like …her….” She shakes her head, closing her eyes and then opening them again. “Come to think of it, “ she sniffles a little, “you looks somewhat like her. Not that I’m saying that you all look alike because I know from experience you don’t, but wow, the resemblance…”


My eyes widen at her words.


“What is this half-demon’s name?”


She swallows hard, leans in close, and whispers, “Rovari. I daren’t say her name loudly, I’d be afraid she’d hear me and show up here.”


I startle a bit as she confirmed my fear. I look at her and watch as her eyes look like a deer caught in headlights, and she moves like she’s about to bolt like a scared rabbit.


“I’m…I’m sorry. I shouldn’t have come here. I see by the look on your face you know her. I may as well as just have handed myself over to her huh?”


“No. Sit. Please.” I reach out and gently touch her wrist to keep her from leaving. “No. You have no worries about her getting to you here..” I sighed. “Yes. I do know her.” I pause, then state the words I hadn’t said in almost five years. “She’s my twin sister.”


“Ohhhhh fuuuu…” she coughs, and looks around as a look of guilt crossing her face. “Shit…. DANGIT!” A deep red blush crosses her beautiful cheeks. “SORRY! I forgot where I was for a moment!”


I let out a soft chuckle. “It’s fine, really. Worse words have been heard in this chapel Rei. We do not forbid cursing in here, especially when it is a situation like this.  As long as it is not abused, a few shits, damns, and even fucks, are allowed.” I wink at her, hoping it puts her a little bit more at ease.


She then lets out an adorable little giggle, which goes into laughter, then moves right into hysterics, until she has slid onto the floor bawling uncontrollably. I move the other pew out of the way and sit next to her, rubbing her back while she lets it all out.


Right at this moment, I hear the door open again.


“Pastor Arkmenos, we…” The voice of Katherine, our resident former-nun, reaches my ears. I move a little so I can look over the pew Rei and I had been sitting on.


“Now is not a good time Katherine. I need you to find one of the others to help you with whatever the boys have done now. Would you please put a “chapel is closed” sign on the doors?  I am helping someone and I need no interruptions.”


“Oh my. I’m so sorry Pastor. Can I…” Katherine starts to ask and moves a little bit into the chapel, stopping only when I speak.


“No. It’s better you do not get involved with this.” I send a thought into her head. <<Rovari>>  and that was enough for her to give a little gasp, then a nod, closes the door, and I hear the scraping of the closed sign going on the door after a couple of minutes.

Character Deep Dives (CDD)

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Diving deep into characters is, I am finding, extremely important to stories. Yes, it is about the story, but without great, well-thought-out characters, there wouldn’t be a story. We all fall in love with this character and hate that one. Why is that? Because the author knows the character. Feels the character. And I am learning to let my characters talk to me a lot more so that I can write them well, especially in my current WIP, which covers the very serious topics of human trafficking/modern slavery, prostitution, abuse, drugs, and mob organizations.

So, because of these deep dives, I now know a lot more about my main character Arkmenos Kilrak and am getting to know the villain’s right hand girl, Treina. Now, when I tell people that my characters ‘talk’ to me, if they are not writers/creatives, they look at me like I’m nuts. And that is okay because I am a little crazy….all creatives are, to some extent, but that’s another post!

I started this story, Edge of Nightmares, coming from a TOTALLY different direction, almost 2 years ago, and only one of the characters talked to me at that time which made it hard to write. So, I stopped and started working on something else. Well, something told me to pick it up again a few weeks ago, and to look at it differently. Now, most of the characters are talking to me, and I’m getting backstories and writing short stories so that I will have really good knowledge of the characters so I can write the full story.

CDDs are full of questions that some people don’t even think about when putting characters to paper. You have to look at your characters like a normal human person. Like your best friend, sister, mother, etc. When you meet someone new, you take time to get to know them right? Characters are the same way! Get to know them like a friend…dig down deep so you know their deep dark secrets and you’ll be able to channel that onto the paper/computer and make your readers love or hate them!

I hope you enjoyed this little insight! I’ll be sharing little teasers and ‘getting to know <name of character>’ bits  so I hope you click that follow button so you never miss any!



Character Introduction: Arkmenos Kilrak

**Little information first — My mentor Debbie Burns, who runs an amazing writing course called Fiction Expedition, gives us worksheets for what she calls Character Deep Dives. It’s to help us really ‘dive’ into our characters for our stories so that we can make them really come alive. SO that’s what I’m going to be sharing with you all for the next couple of weeks. Now without further ado! **

inspiration for Arkmenos
NOT MY PHOTO. Inspiration for Arkmenos ONLY. Got it off of Pinterest.

Arkmenos (ark-men-ohs) Kilrak (Kill-rack) is a Serkas (sir-kahs), which is an infernal-touched race (kinda like the Tieflings from D&D). He and a few of his kind came over during the great portal opening back in 2010, along with a lot of other races (we’ll get to those later!).

He is a Unitarian pastor (he was a cleric in his world) and helps run A Mission of Hope which is an orphanage and soup kitchen on the southeast end of New Seattle. He has a twin sister named Rovari who runs a massage parlor. They have a very complicated love/hate relationship that started in their world and has only gotten worse since they came to New Seattle.

Part of the #CDD (character deep dive) questions cover fears and pain points, what their end goal is in the book, and who is against or with them.

Arkmenos’ three greatest fears are Rovari dying, bad things happening to his followers / children (the orphans), and his parents coming from their world into New Seattle. This last one is his biggest fear because he is afraid that they, his parents, will cause so much chaos that the government will decide to close the portals after making all non-humans go back to their world and he does NOT want that. He loves the life he has in New Seattle and wants nothing to do with his old world OR his parents. Still nudging him to spill that a bit more, but I’m sure that will come later.

His three strongest pain points are one: how people perceive him. He is a Serkas. He has dark red skin, golden eyes, horns, and a prehensile tail. Most races don’t trust them due to their demon/devil ancestry and most humans are very uncomfortable around the Serkas. Two: Rovari works for a woman named Celerina who Arkmenos does not trust at all. He’s heard secrets and rumors and his gut tells him she deals in things his sister shouldn’t be messing with. This worries him even though they are not speaking. She is still his twin. Three: He wants someone to love but due to the number one pain point, this is proving to be a bit difficult for him. Not that he’s actually tried though with as busy as he is at the Mission (EXCUSE!).

Now you may want to know why is he doing what he is doing? He’s got demon/devil ancestors right? SO he’s supposed to be bad right? WRONG. The blood has thinned many generations so he just has a couple of his ancestors physical traits and a bit of magic. Due to spending most of his time as a child with the clerics in the local temple, he realized his calling was to take care of people, much to the chagrin of his parents and twin. When he turned 13, his father threw him out of the house and one of the clerics took him in and raised him until he was old enough to become a cleric himself.

What is his end goal? To save his sister from Celerina and anyone else Celerina has hurt, along with taking care of all of followers. Who is going to be against this? Well, his sister, duh! Along with Celerina (of course!), a local priest who has been corrupted, and a few other people that work for/with Celerina. Those with him? As far as I know now, Kar’gan and Rebekkah (the stars of the short story teaser I shared), Suzie Andrews – a mouse pelt journalist, DJ Phoenix who works at a rave club owned by Celerina (but she doesn’t know this yet), a former nun who works at the Mission with him, and a lady detective that is investigating Celerina.

So that is what I know about Pastor Arkmenos Kilrak as of right now. I will have CDDs of my other main players over the next few weeks as they talk to me and let me in on their deep, dark secrets!

I hope you enjoyed this peek into one of my characters. If so, please leave me a comment down below and let me know!

Much love and blessings,




Edge of Nightmares Teaser



“I’ve done everything you’ve asked, Celerina,” The first voice is Treina, her boss. “All I want for is to be full owner. I don’t think that’s asking too much.”

“Give you my club? What makes you think you’ve earned that?” The second voice – Celerina? – belongs to a woman with an odd accent. “You are not done repaying me just yet, and I do not just give up my clubs, especially this one…”

“Give up!? I am the one running things here…I am the one busting my ass every day making this club what it is!” Treina interrupts her.

“You forget what I know about you, Jade,” the woman interjects.

‘Jade?” Gina wonders to herself as she does her best to stand quietly, pondering whether she should go get security. She decides to stay a bit longer just in case, and shifts closer to the door to try and peek through the office window.

“I’ve made deals for you!” Treina yells. Gina winces when her voice hits the sharp F an octave higher than normal that indicates she’s pissed. “I’ve swindled people. Hell, I’ve even laundered money, and worse for fucks sake! You’re changing the deal, Celerina, and I don’t like it.”

Celerina laughs haughtily. “Now, now, Jade….”

“Don’t! Don’t call me that again. Jade is dead. I left that name and everything attached to it a long time ago.”

“Until I say so, I own you….Jade. You are never too far from who you used to be and there is much I still want from you.”


NaNoWriMo 2017

I decided this year to join NaNoWriMo and while having a bit of a slow start, I feel I am right where I need to be right now. I am figuring things out for this story and it’s coming alive little by little. SO much so that I want to share my favorite bit that I’ve written for my first draft of Escape from Serenity’s Edge. I hope you enjoy and please let me know down in the comments!


“You tell your Mr.Flint exactly what my husband told you yesterday. We’re tired of running your stuff through here. Enough is enough. Unless he’s going to share that with our town, he can go elsewhere. We don’t want him here anymore. We appreciate the stuff he has done, but we’ve all paid our debt to him tenfold and he needs to just move on!”

She waves her finger in Ryker’s face, her emerald eyes shining as she chews him out. She’s worked in a tavern since she was a child, starting when her parents had first opened the Jagged Lantern in Tattington, then moved it to Serenity’s Edge when things were getting too rough. She’s faced off with sky pirates, street urchins, and thugs as big as Dirk and wasn’t phased in the least at their threats.

Ryker grabs her finger and yanks her to him. Zeke and Gabe go to intervene, but Sebastian and Dirk grab both of them and hold their arms to their sides while Ryker deals with Violet.

“Look here lil’ lady. You talk a big game but you wouldn’t last workin’ for Mr. Flint so I suggest you calm down before we take you to him instead of your boy!”

“First off let go of me. Second of all you have no idea what I can and can’t deal with. We told you to shove off, so SHOVE…OFF.” She kicks him, hitting him in his knee, which causes him to let go of her. She runs behind the bar and grabs the pistol that’s sitting their and points it at them.

“Now. Let go of my boys and take yourselves back to Mr. Flint and tell him what I said before I put a couple new holes in you.” She clicks the hammer back and holds it steady, aimed right at Sebastian’s head. “Don’t test me boys. Let them go.”

inspiration for Violet Sparks
Purely inspirational photo for Violet Sparks, owner of The Jagged Lantern Saloon.



The door to the office of Reynard Alban Flint, silent elder of Serenity’s Edge and owner of one of the largest Verronium supply companies in the country opens and the two thugs that were at the Jagged Lantern bothering Hugh Sparks earlier that day walk in.

“Well? Did you take care of it?”

“He says you want him to continue bringing in all that cargo, you need to go talk to him yourself. Says he ain’t having all that food come through his place for you when most of the people of the town can barely make it through a winter.” Ryker reports.

Reynard sits back in his chair and drums his fingers on his desk.

“Oh he did did he? Well maybe he needs to be reminded that I am in charge here, not him. You and Sebastian need to go back tomorrow, take Leo with you as well, and maybe have a chat with his missus. That might light a fire under him. If they still refuse, you will inform them that they will continue to ship our food through or their youngest boy will find himself staying with us for awhile, got it?”

“Yes Mr. Flint.”

After the two leave his office, Reynard yells for his assistant.

“Yes Mr. Flint?” The young woman has paper ready to take notes for whatever her boss needs her to do, but is hoping it will wait til tomorrow so she can go to her quarters and get some sleep. They’d been at work since dawn and it was now almost eight o’clock.

“I need you to get a hold of Augustus, Marcellus, and Cyrus first thing tomorrow morning and tell them we need a meeting. Just tell them the citizens are getting unruly. You may go get some sleep now. Thank you Emily.”

“Yes Mr Flint. Thank you. Goodnight sir.”

He sits back in his chair, hands under his chin, as he contemplates how to continue to keep control of this town until their production is done.


character inspiration for Reynard
picture is inspiration for Reynard

Teaser – Nate’s Thoughts

inspirational pic
Inspiration for Nathanial Abraham Davenport


I watched her as she took the bits apart that Lottie and Winnie had brought her earlier that day and then start to make another Widget out of the parts she could salvage. She had a lot of Widgets scattered around her room and hidden in various parts of the house. He sighed as that thought crossed his mind. It was so silly that the whole village had to suffer because a few of the older citizens were afraid of the steam tech. Tori and her friends should be allowed to do what comes naturally to most of them – build and create or be scientists. The fact that they would be jailed or exiled if it was found out they were tinkering and experimenting was ludicrous and frightening. He felt guilty as he continued to observe Tori, knowing that it was his fault they were in Serenity’s Edge. His loyalty to his parents could never be questioned but the more he thought about it, he should have kept them all in Tinkerburg, or at the very least Tattington. Maybe Mina would still be alive if they had.

Nate shook his head and rubbed his eyes so Tori didn’t see the tears that were forming. He missed Mina every day, and watching their daughter grow up to be just like her scared him, depressed him, and made him proud all at the same time. Mina would be so happy knowing that despite the laws, he continued to let Tori’s friends bring her scraps so she could tinker in secret. One day he hoped they would be able to leave Serenity’s Edge so that Tori could live her dreams.

Steampunk Adventures!




Greetings fellow adventurers! Today starts the adventures of Victoria (Tori) Davenport and her friends as they attempt to get away from their boring, non-tech town of Serenity’s Edge. They are on their way to Tattington where they hope to find Tori’s Aunt Tabitha who is rumored to be a sky pirate, get her to take them on her airship, and bring them to the big city of Tinkerburg! If all goes well, they will get to Tinkerburg, get Tori to her mother’s family, and all start new lives surrounded by steam tech and new inventions.

Sounds like a lot of fun right?

While it will be an adventure, they will have to battle bounty hunters,  dangerous ruffians, cutthroat street merchants, and the fear of being sent back to face the elders of Serenity’s Edge.  To some, Serenity’s Edge seems like a nice, quiet town but it hides secrets that some say people will kill to keep hidden.

So will Tori and her crew get away and live their dreams or will they end back up in Serenity’s Edge and face more treacherous foes than sky pirates?

Stay tuned here for blips and teasers from my book, Escape from Serenity’s Edge, coming to you next Summer!