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Go check out my new blog! Lots of photography, arts & crafts, and coming soon some neat home-made Apothecary creations! Welcome everyone to Sacred Crow Studios! I am Redbird Stormcrow (aka Cyndi Pilcher) and this will be where I share my photography, arts and crafts, and my apothecary creations (oils, bath essential… Source: Welcome to... Continue Reading →

planning and prompted writing

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I have been writing more lately.  This is a good thing.  my poetry is flowing. And the stories are trying to do the same. this is where my issue is.  I am not a planner when I write.  So when I have a dozen stories vying for space in my mind and am only one person…. well it means that I get so far in a story and lose track of where it should go. which is entirely frustrating. Planning the story only causes me to loose focus quicker. I am not saying this to whine.  it is just the way that I am.

So I am feeling that frustration with my current story and I set a deadline with my editor.  What that means is something ends up being forgotten in my struggle to make the story fall into line. For me… I am sorry to say… it has…

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Wanted: Indie Authors – Free Promotion #IndieAuthors #bookpromotion

Books and Such

Beginning next Friday, January 20th, I’ll introduce a new blog feature entitled Indiedownload-4Author Friday.  The post would include a short interview and FREE (we all know how rare that is) promotion of your book/books.  Email me at tpolen6@gmail.com if you’d like to sign up!

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Mental Illness: My Brain Demons Want Me to Fail

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Calliope Writing

Let’s be gritty, raw, and real for a change. I always try to approach this blog with lightheartedness and wit (and I rarely talk about anything terribly personal), but today, I’d like to be brutally honest.

My Mental Illness

For the past two and a half years, I’ve struggled with major depressive disorder and generalized anxiety disorder, both of which can be overwhelming, confusing, frustrating, and debilitating.

Chances are, some of you reading also have a demon in your brain – be it in the form of depression, anxiety, or another mental illness. After all, in 2014, it was estimated that approximately 18% of the United States adult population had one or more mental illnesses.

I’m finally on the upswing (thank whatever god(s) you believe in), but I think it’s time to add my voice to the others who have spoken out about their own personal demons.

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I don't normally write about this but something happened today that really got to me and I'm angry and upset that some stranger can trigger my depression and lack of self-worth just by calling me a liar, trash, and a victim. One of my best friends had posted something about Planned Parenthood, and this person,... Continue Reading →

Cyndi Pilcher – Author Interview

OMG! Check out my interview with Kelly Hartigan of XterraWeb Editing! Interview with Indie author Cyndi Pilcher. Writer of children's, middle grade, and young adult fiction. Author of The Woodland Adventures. Source: Cyndi Pilcher - Author Interview

Update on the Mouse Journalist* story

So I got some work done on The Mouse Journalist story (not final title btw!) tonight! Word Count tonight is 1256 to make the story at a total of 2067! I am really loving this story and having fun with it and I really hope you all like it when it comes out. The bit... Continue Reading →

Sneaking In

Writing Prompt I did based off of the above photo that I took a couple of days ago when we had some really thick fog. The lights were coming through the fog at a fast pace. I hoped it was just someone passing and not looking for us. Talking softly into the com-link attached to... Continue Reading →

Fangirl Friday: Bestselling steampunk author Gail Carriger releases a F/F novella plus GIVEAWAY

I am so in love with Gail’s world and am looking forward to reading all the rest of her books!

Women and Words

HELLO, dahlings! Welcome to another Fangirl Friday and this time, gracious me, my little shiny plumblossoms, we are graced by the presence of none other than Gail Carriger (hard “g” in Carriger), the award-winning and NYT bestselling author whose fabulously attired and deliciously quirky characters inhabit her paranormal steampunk universe.

I am a huge fan of her work not only because I dig steampunk but also because I love its tongue-in-cheekiness with regard to Victorian mores, AND amidst her panoply of characters are those who are LGBT+. They are beautifully wrought and eminently human (even those who are paranormal), and I find myself missing them when I finish one of her books.

Her bio puts it best: Miss Carriger’s novels are urbane fantasies mixed with steampunk comedies of manners.

And indeed, if you have not indulged in Carriger’s work, I am afraid your soul is lacking. But that’s quite all…

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