Journal Entry – February 29, 2010


The portals have opened!! I crossed over to Earth tonight, with Rovari practically shoving me out of the way as she flew into the portal at neck-break speed, shouting back to Mother that she would do whatever it took so that she, our mother, could join us on Earth and rule the humans. I was definitely born to the wrong mother.

Unfortunately, because I haven’t come far enough in my ‘studies’ to become an all powerful half-demon, Mother placed a curse on me. Not only do Rovari and I share ONE soul, I can not do any harm to Rovari. I cannot physically or magically hurt her. My mother seriously hates me …but that is okay because the feeling is definitely mutual.

I can only hope that I can find someone on Earth that can figure out how to separate me and Rovari’s connection without killing either of us AND figure out how to keep Rovari from helping mother and all the other demons come to Earth without harming her.


Journal Entry – June 15, 2009


Tonight Father took me home with him so that I could spend some time with him. Uncle Jarod was there and made me so happy. Father cut our visit short when I paid too much attention to Uncle Jarod. I need to work on that. Uncle Jarod says there is talk about opening a portal so some of us from Hell, us half-breeds, along with other creatures on the other side of the veil can cross over to Earth permanently! I hope this happens and soon! The sooner I get away from Mother, the sooner I can live my life the way I want. Although I am sure Mother won’t let me go TOO far away and I’m sure Father will constantly bother me to follow in ONE of their footsteps. ~sigh~ Why couldn’t I have been born human??


Journal Entry  — September 4, 2007


I saw my father today. On occasion he will come visit us. Not really to see us children, but to have time with Mother and have her give him more power so he can do whatever horrifying things he’s doing on Earth.

I wish I could talk to Rovari about this. We used to be so close. Then we hit our teenage years, we came into our powers, and she’s done nothing but utilize them and be Mother’s shadow. Since I don’t show as much interest in the dark side of our powers, she has decided I’m not worthy of her time. I tried talking to Father about this, and he just patted my shoulder and said I’ll ‘grow out of this stage’. He and Mother keep telling me I’m just going through a stage and that I will eventually come around to their way of thinking…..that I won’t be as soft as my uncle, Father’s brother who is the total opposite of Father. Uncle Jarod is so amazing. I wish I could get to Earth and spend more time with him.