Linvanu’s Heartbreak

Found on Google Images. Only used for inspiration. All rights to the owner.

King Linvanu Khezriel has been leader of the Cayheri for over three hundred years and was now contemplating giving all that up to go back to his beloved Galna Alari. For over three hundred years he did his best to be loyal to his people and their goddess, Qalmini. But for over three hundred years, he secretly dreamed of returning to Galna Alari and the end of their exile. And now the return to Galna Alari was within reach, however, it would mean he’d have to turn his back on many of the Cayheri, Qalmini, and fight those he thought were his loyal and trusted advisers.

Finding out his high priestess, sorceress, and druid had all had a hand in poisoning, kidnapping, and holding his best friend captive….torturing him for almost one hundred years nearly broke him. He had ordered all of them arrested and killed, but by the time he found out, they were gone. Over the last few days, after his orders made its way through Mathvenaes, Cayheri were leaving by the hundreds. Riots were breaking out, people were being killed if they remained loyal to him and stayed behind. He had lost total control over his people and he was at a total loss because he had no idea who he could trust. It was bad enough he and the guards who remained loyal were in hiding with the other loyal Cayheri. He only hoped that Khilseith or Queen Liliana came through for them. The hope for help wasn’t even for him. He just wanted his people safe. If he died saving even just some of them, he would at least know he did all he could for them and would die knowing they went back home.

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