Khilseith’s worst nightmare come true.

Found on Google Images — INSPIRATION ONLY

“HEY! Archmage!WAKE UP!”

A loud voice, dripping with sarcasm as he says the word archmage, startles Khilseith. Jumping up, he stumbles, head spinning as he lands on hands and knees in the dirt. He instinctively jumps again, this time backwards towards the cot he was just laying on. He sits still for a moment with his eyes closed as he tries to clear his head then slowly opens them and takes in his surroundings.

He is in a small dungeon cell, in a cave, from what he gathered by the looks of the walls that surrounded him. The front of the cell was the only thing that was metal bars. He sits on a small cot with only a dirty pillow and a rag for a blanket. The floor was dirt and rocks. He is dressed in plain brown ragged pants, a plain gray tunic with a twine rope for a belt, and he’s barefoot. Seeing his feet bare and covered in dirt, he instantly snatches them up on the cot and waves his hand but nothing happens. He shakes his head again and waves his hand again. Again, nothing. He feels no surge of magickal power, no tingling, just, nothing.

What is going on!” He stands up roaring at the voice, then sits back down with his feet up on the cot. He realizes the bed is dirty as well but in his brain it’s better than the dirt on the floor. He hugs his knees to him trying to make sense of what was happening.

The voice laughs and steps closer to the bars so Khilseith can see his captor.

Can the great Archmage Khilseith Olastra not figure out what’s going on? Man, that poison must have been stronger than I thought!”

Standing in front of him is an elf he recognizes as one of his house staff.

YOU! You cretin! How dare you poison and kidnap me! The council shall hear about this!”

The elf throws his head back and laughs as he shifts into a dark elf.

Oh no Archmage. No one will even know you’re gone.”

Khilseith’s eyes widen and a few tears roll down his face as the realization hits him. He was never going to see his beloved family again. He didn’t even have his magic to comfort him. No longer the great and powerful Khilseith that made young peasant children run screaming when they saw him.

You may as well just kill me then. I am of no use anymore. Not like this.” He laid down on the cot, turning to face the cavern wall.

The elf laughs.

Oh I am not done with you yet. Our fun together has just started Khilseith. And I am going to enjoy each and every little torturous thing I do to you. I’m looking forward to many many years together. You are so much more useful alive than dead, so get used to your new home and the peasant life.”

The elf opens the door long enough to throw a bowl of slop in it onto the floor, closes and locks it, and walks away laughing maniacally.

Inspiration Only. Found on Google Images.

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