inspiration for Rhokleni
((picture is from Pinterest. Only used for inspiration))

He looks out the window to see what is going on as the carriage has come to a stop and sees that his guards are battling with Cayheri and the carriage is surrounded by what he assumes to be Cayheri rangers as they all have bows cocked and his way. He throws the door open and as he steps out, vines rise up out of the ground, slithering up his legs and tightly winding around his torso, attaching his arms to his sides and encasing his hands.

“What is the meaning of this! Do you know who I am!?”

“We are well aware of who you are Khilseith Olastra, elder of Galna Alari, and Archmage.” 

Khilseith turns his head to see who is speaking. Standing near him is a Cayheri man dressed in dark leather and furs, his long white hair in braids, and holding a tall black staff decorated with bones and feathers. 

“How DARE you treat an envoy of Queen Liliana Mordov, not to mention a mage of my standing! Release me at once!”

“Oh no Archmage. We will not be releasing you. Not until I cast something to ensure you won’t be using any of that power on us or our king.”

He taps his staff on the ground and starts chanting, his words form symbols in the air surrounding the archmage. He steps closer to Khilseith, opens his hand, and blows a small cloud of dirt on to Khilseith. He smirks as Khilseith’s eyes turn darker and darker blue as he gets more and more angry at this treatment. Khilseith shudders at the fact that he is now dirty on top of being bound, and that bothers him more. His eyes roll back as the other elf’s spell takes hold. The druid snaps his fingers, making the vines release Khilseith. The archmage shakes his arms,  tries  to calm himself and focus, then opens his eyes and snaps his left hand. Nothing happens except a spray of glitter flying out of his fingers.

“HOW….WHAT….!” Khilseith stammers in his anger and disgust. “Your king will hear about this cur!”

The man cackles. “Oh I am sure he will, but I answer to someone much higher than both of you. And you do not wish to go up against him, Lord Olastra.” He bows then disappears in a puff of smoke, along with all of the rangers that had been circling the carriage. The soldiers that were still standing and had been fighting with Khilseith’s guards ran off into the woods and disappeared. 

Khilseith stands there sputtering, incensed. He couldn’t believe he had just been attacked and taken over by a grimy peasant! Looking around at the remaining guards, “Get back in formation and let’s get to that king. I want answers and someone’s head for this!”

from Ch. 7 ‘A Royal’s Undoing’ Cyn A Snow 2018


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