Villains, their plots, and their friends that help them.

Let me just throw this out there — I LOVE villains. Not all of them, but there are many that I LOVE to watch and root for. I was talking with a few friends and we’ve realized that even villains have best friends that help them pull shit off.  I mean really…Gaston has Lefou… Yzma has Kronk…Maleficent has Diablo….Hades has Pain and Panic…the hyenas that followed Scar til they realized he screwed them over. But the point here is, there is always a sidekick or minions in movies and TV shows and our book villains shouldn’t be any different.

Even those that aren’t villains, but seem to be the outcast/looked at as bad person, have best friends that help them through everything, no matter what.

And thanks to an amazing friend of mine, I have worked out a bit of plot snafu I was stuck in!! Villains are a new thing for me to write, so I’ve been reaching out for help and I’m so thankful for everyone that has been giving suggestions and such.

Now I’m off to do a timeline so I can keep shit straight! Wish me luck and keep an eye out here as I’ll be posting more things as I move forward with A Royal’s Undoing as well as plotting/planning second book in series!!



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