New bits, who the heck is the bad guy, and holy crap I’ll be done soon!



Hi all!

I have been busy working/re-working parts of A Royal’s Undoing and adding new bits as stories and characters have a habit of changing as THEY see fit, whether the author likes it or not. We are here to write their stories, not force them to go where WE want them to go.

Now, those that have been around since the beginning, THINK they know who the bad guy is, and I can’t wait for them to read who it actually is! Villains are fun I’m learning, but a lot more complicated than heroes.  With villains, not only do you need a backstory, but you (the author) have to understand WHY the villain is doing what they are doing and then convince your readers and make them hate your villain. I am having fun exploring writing really bad guys though, even though I never thought I would.

My word count sits at just a little bit above 40k so I am thinking I have about 20-30k more to go before the book will be done! I am so excited, but scared to death if I am going to be honest with you all, and I will always do that as honesty is a HUGE thing for me.  I’ve written a couple short stories but this will be my very first full novel and I just can’t believe how close I am to being done, nor can I believe the amount of people I have that are excited to read it.  I really hope that this book is everything everyone thinks it will be.

I will keep you all updated as I move closer and closer to those wonderful words THE END.




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