Hi all! I know it’s been awhile but things have been kind of crazy in my world the last couple of months.

Various story ideas, sicknesses, and depression. I have a lot of health issues and suffer from PTSD, anxiety, and depression, especially during the Autumn/Winter seasons and that sometimes makes it difficult for me to stay focused or even write at all. So I am putting this out there so that if I disappear for awhile, be assured it’s because one of those things (or a few at once) have hit me and that it isn’t because I don’t want to share things. I do, I just don’t talk about my illnesses/issues to people I don’t know. Mainly because I think it’s part of my upbringing and the other part is because shit happens so often some months that I don’t want people to get bored or tired of listening to me whine about whatever illness I’ve got currently or how depressed I am. I’m getting a little better at being open about some things and I am slowly working on how to combat the mental health issues so they don’t fuck me up so much.

Anyhoo, onward and upward! I have started doing pre-edits on the first book in my series The Vaedrathan Chronicles, A Royal’s Undoing.  I have about 40k or so written and still have to write out the last 25% of it. It’s been a few months since I’ve visited my elves, so the edits are helping me see where things need to be adjusted or added to and to get my characters back to talking to me so we can finish this thing!  My plan is to have the first draft done by beginning of August, have it to my editor by mid-August, and polished up and published in time for the holiday season.

All rights to Hasbro/My Little Pony/Equestria Girls

So, I hope that you all will continue to follow me and watch as I bring my dream of finishing a full blown fantasy novel to life. Thank you to those that have continued to watch and support even through my disappearances. It means a lot!

Love, Peace, and Blessings!



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