Edge of Nightmares Teaser from Treina’s POV.

I just rewrote the scene between Treina and Arkmenos and I am so in love with it from her POV! It is now at 2372 because I added a bit. Here is my favorite bit from it. Make sure to let me know in the comments what you think of it!

As I am standing outside, I look up at the clouds and watch dark ones start to roll in, and think <<how fitting this is for what I’m about to speak of.>>

I peek into the windows that were on either side of the door. The chapel was just a small building with a few pews on one side of the main room, with what looked like a couple of different altars set up, and candles taking up most of the room to give off soft, peaceful light.

After taking a few deep breaths, I push the door open, just enough to stick my head in.

“Umm…hello? Is ….is anyone here?”

As I am looking into the dimly lit room, a tall half-demon, dressed in a button up off-white shirt with his sleeves rolled up, dark brown cargo pants, and black boots, steps into the light I let in through the open door.

“Yes I am here. How can I help you, Miss…..?” He answers.

I’ve seen a few of the half-demons around the city, one in particular that I know better than I’d like to, but the one standing in front of me was stunning. His dark red skin shone in the soft light and the candlelight glistened on his horns. His eyes looked like pools of gold. I shook my head, closing my eyes to gather my thoughts. <<FOCUS Rei.>>

“Just call me Rei. Safer that way. I’m sorry to bother you Pastor, but…”

“Just Arkmenos is fine…Rei.”

He walked up to me and he has a beautiful smile. He reached around me to open the door more. “Come, sit. Talk to me and tell me what is bothering you.”

I finished entering the chapel, an audible sigh emitting from me as he closed the door and then ushered me to a pew. He didn’t touch me, but I could feel the heat from his hand that he had hovering near my back. I did my best to not shake as I walked, but considering why I was there, it was damned hard not to.

Found on Google Images.

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