Character Introduction: Arkmenos Kilrak

**Little information first — My mentor Debbie Burns, who runs an amazing writing course called Fiction Expedition, gives us worksheets for what she calls Character Deep Dives. It’s to help us really ‘dive’ into our characters for our stories so that we can make them really come alive. SO that’s what I’m going to be sharing with you all for the next couple of weeks. Now without further ado! **

inspiration for Arkmenos
NOT MY PHOTO. Inspiration for Arkmenos ONLY. Got it off of Pinterest.

Arkmenos (ark-men-ohs) Kilrak (Kill-rack) is a Serkas (sir-kahs), which is an infernal-touched race (kinda like the Tieflings from D&D). He and a few of his kind came over during the great portal opening back in 2010, along with a lot of other races (we’ll get to those later!).

He is a Unitarian pastor (he was a cleric in his world) and helps run A Mission of Hope which is an orphanage and soup kitchen on the southeast end of New Seattle. He has a twin sister named Rovari who runs a massage parlor. They have a very complicated love/hate relationship that started in their world and has only gotten worse since they came to New Seattle.

Part of the #CDD (character deep dive) questions cover fears and pain points, what their end goal is in the book, and who is against or with them.

Arkmenos’ three greatest fears are Rovari dying, bad things happening to his followers / children (the orphans), and his parents coming from their world into New Seattle. This last one is his biggest fear because he is afraid that they, his parents, will cause so much chaos that the government will decide to close the portals after making all non-humans go back to their world and he does NOT want that. He loves the life he has in New Seattle and wants nothing to do with his old world OR his parents. Still nudging him to spill that a bit more, but I’m sure that will come later.

His three strongest pain points are one: how people perceive him. He is a Serkas. He has dark red skin, golden eyes, horns, and a prehensile tail. Most races don’t trust them due to their demon/devil ancestry and most humans are very uncomfortable around the Serkas. Two: Rovari works for a woman named Celerina who Arkmenos does not trust at all. He’s heard secrets and rumors and his gut tells him she deals in things his sister shouldn’t be messing with. This worries him even though they are not speaking. She is still his twin. Three: He wants someone to love but due to the number one pain point, this is proving to be a bit difficult for him. Not that he’s actually tried though with as busy as he is at the Mission (EXCUSE!).

Now you may want to know why is he doing what he is doing? He’s got demon/devil ancestors right? SO he’s supposed to be bad right? WRONG. The blood has thinned many generations so he just has a couple of his ancestors physical traits and a bit of magic. Due to spending most of his time as a child with the clerics in the local temple, he realized his calling was to take care of people, much to the chagrin of his parents and twin. When he turned 13, his father threw him out of the house and one of the clerics took him in and raised him until he was old enough to become a cleric himself.

What is his end goal? To save his sister from Celerina and anyone else Celerina has hurt, along with taking care of all of followers. Who is going to be against this? Well, his sister, duh! Along with Celerina (of course!), a local priest who has been corrupted, and a few other people that work for/with Celerina. Those with him? As far as I know now, Kar’gan and Rebekkah (the stars of the short story teaser I shared), Suzie Andrews – a mouse pelt journalist, DJ Phoenix who works at a rave club owned by Celerina (but she doesn’t know this yet), a former nun who works at the Mission with him, and a lady detective that is investigating Celerina.

So that is what I know about Pastor Arkmenos Kilrak as of right now. I will have CDDs of my other main players over the next few weeks as they talk to me and let me in on their deep, dark secrets!

I hope you enjoyed this peek into one of my characters. If so, please leave me a comment down below and let me know!

Much love and blessings,




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