A brief history of the Galnarians and the Cayheri.


Rough map of Vaedrathan ©Cyn A Snow 2017


        King Theodwin Elacerin, great grandfather to Khilseith Olastra, ruled Galna Alari from 1000-1577. The only reason he stopped ruling in 1577 was because he was poisoned that no one could find a cure for. As far as the Galnarians knew, he had only one child, a daughter. The king and most of Galna Alari would not accept a woman on the throne at that time and Khilseith was still a child, so King Elacerin appointed the son of his best friend and most trusted advisor to be his successor. As soon as he died, all the magic and power granted to the royal family from their goddess Galrena transferred to Othorion and his line. 

     Two years before he died, King Elacerin and the Elder Council decided to exile the Cayheri, the dark elf clan that had lived side by side with the Galnarians for eons in Galna Alari. To the public, it was simply because too many Galnarians had complained to the council that the Cayheri were thieves, murderers, etc. The truth was much more political. The King had an illegitimate son and a few that knew about it were threatening to release the information to the publish, which would  cause a lot of issue for the king and his family. 

     The Cayheri High Priest, who was on the Elder Council to represent the Cayheri, was automatically made their king. A number of other Cayheri were very upset and angry at the High Priest for not standing up to the Galnarians and their accusations and so were even more upset when he was appointed their king.

    The Cayheri made their new home in the deep underground caverns that are settled in the southeast corner of The Shadowed Highlands. High Priest Tebrak was lead to the caverns by the goddess Qalmini who rules over secrecy, darkness, shadows, and snakes. She promised them special abilities if they lived in her cavern city of Mathvenaes, revered all snakes, and worshiped her. Tebrak agreed and led his people into Mathvenaes.

   When Linvanu Khezriel, Khilseith Olastra’s best friend, turned 100 years old (adult age for elves), he challenged Tebrak to a duel to the death. Linvanu, who was a skilled swordsman by this time, killed Tebrak swiftly and became the Cayehri’s king where he has reigned for the last 300 years. He is very loyal to Qalmini, and is a strong and benevolent ruler to those that follow his laws and remain loyal to him and their goddess.

    Back in Galna Alari, King Othorion’s family have continued to rule. In the Summer of 1917, Queen Miara, Othorion’s granddaughter was brutally murdered and just like her grandfather, her murderer was never caught. Her daughter Talia refused to take her place as queen & her daughter Liliana was still a child so she was not able to rule yet.  The Sacred Owl Throne of Galrena disappeared and Liliana’s betrothed Dmitirie Pettoris was orphaned when his parents were attacked and killed the same night as Miara. The elder council, fearing for Liliana and Dmitrie’s lives, had Talia take them through the portal to the human world and raise them until the time came for Liliana to take her place as rightful queen. 

     The first book starts in 2017 when Liliana is 130 years old.

©The Vaedrathan Chronicles Cyn A Snow 2017

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