“At your service m’lady. My uncle told me I was to meet with you to try and finalize….”

He stops what he was saying and she watches as he spins around, pulling his weapon out of the ground and stands up, looking towards the trees that circle the clearing, his guards moving into defensive stances. As he takes a couple of steps forward, she sees the glint of a small weapon fly from the dark woods and embeds in Taeral’s right shoulder, making him stumble backwards and drops his glaive when he clutches his arm.

“Ambush! RUN!” she hears him yell. As she goes to turn, she feels a strong blast of scorching air fly past her and watches a ball of bright orange and red hit Taeral and turn him instantly to a pile of ash in front of her. She screams as she finishes turning around and finds a figure dressed in crimson robes and a dark mask covering all but their eyes, hovering in the air, a crackling aura of fire surrounding them. Menacing eyes stared down at her like living flames.


Talia flinches as the creature bellows a harsh insult in rough elven, then watches as he raises his hands, and sends a thick black cloud filled with daggers towards her. She stands frozen, fear taking over, and her eyes wide as this darkness consumes her. She starts choking and tries to scream as the blades cut and slice into her. As the blood seeps out from multiple spots and her body crumples to the ground, the figure watches her once shiny bronze eyes cloud over, turning a deep amber, before they close forever. The figure then waves their hands as the Cayheri guards are running towards them, and mutters, “vilzriquath!” Tendrils of frost erupts from their gloved fingers, hitting the soldiers, turning them into ice statues where they stood, killing them instantly.

As the figure hovers over the devastation they have just caused, they turn their head as if they hear something and disappear into the woods. Just as the figure fades into the dark, a crackling noise is heard and Khilseith appears at the edge of the glen and sees Talia’s still form on the ground. He glides over to her body, sits on the forest floor, and cradles her head in his lap. He looks around at the dead Cayheri, the pile of ash, and the Cayheri weapons strewn about and sends a telepathic message to the guards that are standing on the edges of Galna Alari, unaware of what happened.

©A Royal’s Undoing Cyn A Snow 2017


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