Week 2, Day 1

Prompt: “You look into your bathroom mirror when suddenly your reflection gasps, and runs away from you.”

Lily wakes up after a very long and deep sleep and looks around to find herself in bed. The last thing she remembered was being in the council room flinging spells around the room.

<How the heck did I get here?> She gets up and heads over to her vanity table and sits. She rubs her face with her hands and then blinks as she stares into the mirror. Her reflection stares back at her but looks shocked, gasps, and then runs away.  Lily, startled, jumps up and topples her chair.


Her handmaiden comes running out of her adjoining room.

“My Queen! What is wrong?”

Lily, still standing in front of the vanity, points at the mirror, her face ashen and her eyes wide.  Amyra looks into the mirror and notices that Lily’s reflection is gone. Her hands fly to her mouth.

“I will go get your father and Elder Olastra. They will know what to do!”

“Just Lord Olastra please Amyra. I cannot deal with either of my parents right now.”

Amyra curtsies and runs out the door, telling one of the guards to go into the room with Lily to make sure nothing happens to her while she’s gone.

“My queen. I will sit here with you while Amyra runs her errand if it pleases you.”

Lily just nods as she moves back so that she is sitting on the edge of her bed, but can still see the mirror. Katar raises an eyebrow but stands guard, his shifting around the room keeping an ever watchful eye.

A few moments later, Khilseith enters with Amyra trailing after him. Katar salutes and then moves back to his place at the door. Amyra curtsies and sits over on the window seat, staying out of the way but making sure her queen is still properly chaperoned.

“Liliana. Would you explain why I was summoned here so unceremoniously and so early? Your handmaiden wasn’t making any sense!” His tone was exasperated and a touch irritated, but still polite enough. “She was babbling something about your reflection is gone?”

Lily turns and looks at him, her eyes still wide but color was returning to her face when she sees Khilseith. She points towards her mirror.

“My…,” she gulps, takes a breath, and tries again. “My reflection was there, then she gasped, and ran away!”

Khilseith looks into the mirror and notices that indeed, Lily has no reflection. He turns back to look at Lily and notices she has a slight glow to her now, her skin has a more alabaster tone to it than it did before, and her ears were the svelte tall pointed elven ears she had been born with, finally.

“Did you notice how your reflection looked before she disappeared?” He asks carefully so as to not spook her.

“Uhh….normal like it has the last 20 years?” Lily wonders why he would ask such a silly question and shakes her head. She had only been here a couple weeks so things were still a little unnerving and odd for her. She did her best to maintain some sort of decorum and calmness when in public, but in her private chambers with Amyra she felt safe to be herself. This new development made her a bit nervous even though she knew things were very different in Vaedrathan than they were in the human world.

Khilseith lets off a big laugh.  Lily frowns at him and he walks over to the mirror, says a few things to it, waving his hand over it.  He turns back to her and smiles, still trying to contain his laughter.

“Look now. I will explain in a moment if you don’t figure it out on your own which I am sure you will,” he says trying to encourage her.

Lily gets up slowly , moves carefully to the mirror, and then peeks around Khilseith cautiously. As she leans around him, her head and face come into view. She moves around him completely now as she sees it is safe. She raises an eyebrow as she adjusts to what she sees in front of her. Where she saw a pretty human girl just a little while before, she now sees an stunning elven woman. She reaches up and gently touches her ears, her lips forming a small o in awe.  As she stands there admiring her new form, Khilseith clears his throat behind her.

She looks up and sees him standing behind her, a smile on his face.

“You have finally come back into being you, my Queen. And you are one of the most breathtaking elven women I have ever seen in my life.” He smiles softly at her, letting her know that this compliment was sincere.

She smiles back at him but then frowns when she looks back at her own reflection.

“But that still doesn’t explain why my reflection ran away! That…that’s just creepy! Reflections just can’t run away!” Then she stops and thinks. “Well, they couldn’t in the human world at least. Was it because the human part of me saw the elf and couldn’t deal with it? Was this the goddess telling me that my human life is completely gone now?”

Khilseith nods.

“Yes. You have come back into your original form and Goddess Galrena, instead of just letting you see your new form as soon as you woke, decided to be a bit, abrasive, about it. She knew you would call for me, so she wasn’t worried because you’d have someone to explain it to you and help you adjust.”

Lily nods slowly.

“I suppose this was a slightly better way than me seeing a full blooded elf in the mirror first thing. I would have freaked WAY worse.”

She turned to Khilseith.

“Thank you for coming. I just didn’t know who else to ask and you have been so helpful.”

“I told you I was going to be here for you and protect you. I meant it.” Khilseith bows and smiles softly at her as he comes up out of it. “Alas, I must go now though so I can explain to my wife why I got pulled from her so early. You shall soon learn what it is like having a spouse you have to explain things to. I hope you choose as well as I did.”

With that he bows again and leaves, making sure that the guards know that all is well.


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