Week 1, Day 7- First Lines

(This is just a taste of this scene. More will be added to it for the novel — Enjoy!)

Prompt: “They don’t make handcuffs like they used to.” ( I am changing it to magic nullification for the purpose of this scene )

They don’t make magic nullification spells like they used to as Khilseith, number one priority prisoner of Queen Liliana, was about to find out.

He had been in this horrid place for what seemed like months, and it had only been a few days.  It was dirty, small, and all he had to sleep on was a disgusting piece of cloth they called a blanket.

“If I could only use some magick, I’d make this place a bit more livable!”

“Have you tried lately Uncle?”

A soft whisper came out of the darkness, followed by his beloved nephew and apprentice, Kyrenic.

“Kyrenic! What are you doing here? If they find you….”

“They won’t. I’ve taken care of them.” Kyrenic grins at his uncle. “Try your magic and lets get you out of here.”

“What are you babbling about boy? This whole cell has had a nullification spell cast on it! Have you been into my wine again or have you just lost your mind?”

Kyrenic rolls his eyes and runs his hands over the shimmering wall that stands between him and his master. As Khilseith watches, there is a small /whoosh\ sound. He reaches a hand out and the glowing wall disappears. He reaches out and grabs his nephew, yanking him to him.

“How did you do it?  And why did you take so long!?”

He hugs him tightly and as soon as Kyrenic can breathe again, “The nullification spell had to have been done by an amateur because it was way to easy to bring down. Now we must go, Linvanu’s nephew is waiting for us and we don’t have much time before someone realizes what’s going on.”

The two slip out of Khilseith’s cage, but not before Khilseith turns, waves his hand, and sets fire to everything, not caring that this would probably burn down the dungeon and everyone left in it.  He laughs maniacally and then runs after his nephew. This was only the beginning of his revenge.



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