Week 1, Day 5 – First Lines

First Line: “She closes her eyes then counts to ten.”

She closes her eyes, then counts to ten. The electricity crackling around her slowly subsides as she mutters the numbers under her breath. Her fists were clenched when the magick started sparking, but now she flexes her hands and fingers as she tries to breathe through the overwhelming and almost suffocating cloud of magic that wants to envelop her and lash out at everything in front of her.

Through her tightened jaw, “Mother. How,” she swallows and unclenches her teeth, “how can you not understand why I am so upset?” She says all of this very carefully, trying very hard to keep control.

Talia backs up, a bit frightened at this scene of magickal power from her daughter.

“Lily. Please honey. We did it to keep you safe. We’ve told you that. Please control your magick,” her mother begs.

“I am trying, Mother. I have no idea how to fully control this as Father and Khilseith have not started my lessons yet,” she takes another breath as she feels the magick trying to get through again. “I am only keeping control out of instinct, and the more you give me excuses, the harder it is going to be for me to keep calm.”

“I…I will get your father then, or Lord Olastra,” Talia starts to move closer to the door.

“NO!” Lily flings her arms in the opposite direction of her mother, because with all her faults, Talia is still her mother and she doesn’t want to kill her because she can’t control her powers. As her arms swing around, lightning flies across the room, shattering everything in its path. Vases, bits of wall, tables, all explode into pieces, sending projectiles everywhere like a bomb just went off. Her mother instantly hits the floor to avoid getting hit by anything, covering her head with her arms.

Lily screams in frustration as the lightning continues to streak and bounce around the room. The doors come flying open as Theren, Khilseith, and half of the guards come running in thinking the women were being attacked. They all ducked as bolts go zipping over their heads. Khilseith throws up a shield around everyone but him and Lily as he moves towards her to help calm her and keep the rest safe from her wild magick.

“Liliana! Breathe! Deep breaths! Concentrate!” He barks at her as he continues moving towards her.

“I’M TRYING but she just makes me SO ANGRY!” As those last words leave her lips, a fireball shoots off and puts a large hole in the outer wall, burning through the trees in the garden directly outside, and finally fizzles when it hits the fountain.

She falls to her knees sobbing and weak. Khilseith moves to her and scoops her up in his arms, waving his hand over her and sending her into a deep sleep. He releases the shield and looks at her parents.

“Might I suggest that Lady Talia stay away from Liliana until she has more control over her emotions AND her magick? Theren, we need to start her lessons immediately. She has way more power than even I suspected.” He nods at all of them. “Guards! Follow me so I may get her settled in her chambers and she can sleep off all this energy she just sent everywhere.”

The guards salute Theren and Talia and then some follow Khilseith while the rest go to get some help to clean up the mess their queen just made.

Theren looks down as his wife and shakes his head as he helps her stand.

“I warned you this would happen,” and he walks off, leaving his wife to collect herself and go to her chambers so she could grieve in peace for the life and daughter she no longer had.

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