Week 1, Day 4 – First Lines

First Line: “He blinked, and she was gone.”
He blinked, and she was gone.
This is how Khilseith felt when he and his wife Glynni lost their middle daughter. Shalana was still a young elf, only around 30 years old, strong in magick, and too curious for her own good and sadly, that curiosity and attitude like her father is what killed her.
It was a day like any other day. Shalana went to Khilseith’s tower for her lesson and her father had not gotten there yet. So, being the curious youngling she was, she started poking around his tower until she found an old bottle with swirling purple and silver liquid that she had never seen before. Her curiosity got the better of her and she drank it, as she didn’t know she could have checked it using her magic since she was still learning. After taking a sip and nothing happened, she took a couple more sips and put the bottle back down and continued exploring Khilseith’s tower. She had only taken three steps when she started feeling really nauseous and pustules started appearing on her arms. She ran over to the mirror on her father’s desk and saw matching bumps appearing all over her face. She started to scream a blood-curdling sound and ran out of the tower.
“FATH… HEL….. HRL…..” her shout was cut off as she started gurgling and choking on her saliva as it was boiling her alive from the inside.
Khilseith was just coming out of their house when he heard Shalana. He snapped his finger and teleported right to his little girl. But he was too late. He found his middle child…his beloved prodigy daughter….dead. Her body lay sprawled on the walkway covered in pus, neon green saliva covering most of her face and oozing down her chest, ruining her clothes.
“Shalana! What? NOOOOO!” He wails so loud, the animals surrounding his tower scatter.
Waving his hand, the ooze disappears but there was only so much he could do about the pockmarks that were left from the pustules, marring Shalana’s once pristine skin. He pulled her to him, the anguish rolling off of him in waves of magic. It was a good thing that his tower and home were on the outskirts of Galna Alari because anyone walking by would have been knocked out from his power.
He teleports the two of them to their home and lays her gently on the chaise in the front room.
His wife and eldest come downstairs, looking at each other, rolling their eyes, wondering why he is shouting now. This was a normal occurrence, so they were not expecting the sight that reached them when they got to the bottom of the stairs and entered their living room. As soon as they see Shalana, the two fall together to the floor sobbing.
Glynni looks up at her husband, her eyes pleading with him to explain, but Khilseith’s eyes were only for his child. He did not see a teenager in front of him but the baby she had been been a mere thirty years before. He fell to his knees beside her body, his shoulders shaking as he wept silently. He knew he would lose the rest of his family if he let his grief take full control of his emotions, so he swallowed the sadness, gripped the couch she lay on, and did his best to hang on to what sanity had left at the moment. It was like a nightmare come true.
He had blinked…..and she was gone.

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