Week 1, Day 3: First Lines

Prompt: Georgie (or another name/gender), stop playing with that.
“Tiatha! Stop playing with that!”
Tiatha sighs and puts the orb down and wanders around her father’s library. Figures she’d be the daughter of not only an elder, but one of the most powerful mages in Galna Alari. As she wanders, she slowly makes her way back to the orb. She was fascinated with the colors and patterns that swirled around in it. She reaches out and runs her finger down it, fascinated how the magic inside follows her fingertip.
“TIATHA!” Khilseith turns away from the book he was trying to read to glare at his youngest daughter. “I told you to stop playing with that!”
“I’m not playing, Father,” exasperated she turns to look at him, her finger still on the orb. “I’m simplty touching it.”
“Do you even know what that is?”
“No but it’s really neat. I can feel the power in it.” She looks back at the orb and raises an elegant eyebrow at it. “Why must you keep the magic trapped Father? It needs to come out!”
She taps her finger against it and sparks start flying from the very minute crack her nail created. Khilseith runs to her and snatches her out of the way right as a streak of magic was about to hit her. Energy flies from his hand as he shields her in a bubble, immobilizing her for a few moments. As the one hand is making sure Tiatha is safe, the other is swirling black smoke around the orb, containing the magic that had been slipping out. Once his other hand is free, he uses it to cast a mending spell that seals the crack, pushing the magic back inside the orb. After making sure all is well, he places both hands on the table the orb and its stand sits upon, his head hanging as he takes a couple of deep breaths to control the rage that is bubbling up.
<Must…not…let her see. Must…not…harm my daughter.> His thoughts swirl and rage in his head as he repeats these words silently over and over til he is calm once more. He looks up at the orb that now sits just as pretty as it was before the incident and he breathes a soft sigh of exasperation and turns to look at his child.
He waves his hand through the air and the soft pink bubble dissipates and she can move again.
“Father! What in the world!? Why did you immobilize me?” She yells indignant.
“I told you to not play with it. You still have not gained full control over your abilities and I knew something was going to happen when you touched that orb. That magic is not something you are ready for and it could have killed you!”
He steps towards his daughter and pulls her into a tight embrace.
“I don’t know what I would do if I lost any of my girls.” He says softly as he kisses the top of her head. “I am not trying to be mean when I ask you to not touch certain things, my little Tia. I just don’t want you hurt while you find your way through the confusion that magic can cause.”
Tiatha returns Khilseith’s hug and nods, then looks up. “I assume this could be called my lesson for the day then?” She gives him a little sheepish grin.
He laughs and hugs her again then releases her.
“Yes, this was a HUGE lesson for you today. When I ask you to stop playing with something….”
“Stop playing or touching whatever it was and find something more constructive to do!” She finishes for him, laughing with him. “Alright Father. I will let you get back to your studies then. Gi melin.”
He smiles at her. “I love you too, my little Tia.”

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