Week 1, Day 2: First Lines

Prompt: The knife shone wicked in the moonlight.
The knife shone wicked in the moonlight but Amaryllis wasn’t worried. The creatures she hunted were undead and were too stupid to notice it. She gave the signal to her comrades and then faded into the shadows.
Moving quietly, she blended in with the darkness and circled around the zombies as they shambled towards her friends on the other side of the room.
As soon as she saw their fighter Desara move in and attack one of the zombies, she drew her short sword and got into position right behind the creature. Twirling the short sword and dagger til they felt perfect in her hand, she slides across the floor and slices the creature along the back of its knees, crippling it to where it falls to the floor. She’d have gone for a higher spot, but being as she only stands three and a half feet tall, she had to go with what she could reach.
As she’s dodging the zombie as it falls, she shouts, “Y’all can kill him now!
Desara, seeing the zombie fall and moving around Amaryllis, swings his scimitar, slicing the creature’s head off. He stands up after making sure the head was fully severed and sees more of them coming at them.
“Kanaa! Krikket! Can we get some help here?”
The goliath mage, standing back somewhat from the fighting, shifts so she can get a better view of the zombies coming up behind her companions.
As Amaryllis moves back towards the shadows, a fireball comes flying over her head and zips past Desara, singing him slightly as it flies by. It hits one zombie square in the chest and spreads to the other seven zombies standing around it. As the flames spread among the eight creatures, some incinerate on contact, while the rest slowly burn to death.
Desara turns to look at Kanaa.
“You couldn’t have thrown something a little less dangerous to us, Kanaa?”
“Sure Desara. I’ll throw lightning next time!” Kanaa rolls her eyes. “You’re welcome…”
“Thank you Kanaa for saving our butts even though ya could have used something a little less…fiery!” Amaryllis says with as much sincerity as she could muster. She wasn’t sure how she felt about the goliath, but then she didn’t trust many people that were seven and a half feet tall and had gray mottled skin.
Krikket and Myadi, the party’s healer and paladin both head towards Desara and Amaryllis. Myadi moves past them to make sure the zombies that fell to the ground are well and truly dead by sending her holy power into them. This makes the pile of ash glow with a bright light and take flight into the air like small fireflies and slowly disappear.
In her soft, slightly deep voice, Myadi informs everyone, “The zombies are taken care of.”
“Thanks for takin’ care of that Mya. I woulda but I had to tend to mister barely got a sunburn on his face,” Krikket thanks her friend while teasing Desara.
Everyone laughs, including Desara as they check the room for treasure and head to the next room of the dungeon.
“Yea yea, everyone laugh at the fighter,” he laughs softly and brushes Krikket away. “I’m fine Krik. Save your healing for something serious. This is only the first room. We’ll need your and Mya’s healing later I’m sure.”
Krikket nods. “If we’re already dealin’ with THAT amount of zombies, won’t be sahprised if there’ll be worse up ahead!”
She packs up her salves and stands, walking over to stand with Kanaa. Amaryllis cleans off her weapons, re-sheathes her sword, tucks her dagger into her boot, does a v-salute from her head, and disappears into the shadows to scout ahead.
“Well, let’s go. Mya, I got front, you cover back, ladies stay between us. Who knows what the next area will bring.” Desara gave marching orders then went in the direction Amaryllis had gone.

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