Week 1, Day 1: First Lines

Prompt: The Genie told her she’d regret her wishes
The genie told her she’d regret her wishes, but why should she? She used her first two for good things and although most people would probably think she was a monster for wishing harm on people for her third wish, they totally deserved it!
She couldn’t believe her luck! Hiking and exploring the caves along the coast of Maine, she came across an old rusted lamp. Curious, she picked it up to look at it and as she did, it started shaking and shimmering then thick dark gray smoke came out of it and formed into a large black genie!
“Hello Master. What three wishes may I grant for you?”
She backed up against the wall of the cave and dropped the lamp in surprise.
“Three….three wishes? ANY wishes?”
“I cannot make someone love you and I cannot bring someone back from the dead, but other than those rules, yes.”
She sat and thought a moment.
“For my first wish, I want my daughter to be healthy 100%. No mental illness, no sickness of any kind, so she can finally live a happy life.”
He closes his eyes for a moment, blows a puff of smoke that floats out of the cave, then opens his eyes. “Done. You have two more. Choose wisely.”
“I wish for 10 million dollars so my husband and I can finally enjoy life together without him having to work so hard.”
Another puff of smoke floats off. “Done.”
“For my third and final wish, I want two people, of my choosing, to suffer for what they’ve done to me. My father and Christian Reese.”
The genie looked at her and raised an eyebrow. “Are you sure this is what you want? You will regret this if you go through with this one.”
“Aren’t you supposed to do what I say without question? Since when did genies care??”
The genie sighs and blows the third and final smoke and watched as it floated to its destination.
“Your wishes have been granted. I hope you can live with yourself after that last wish.”
With that he bowed, turned back into smoke, and floated back into the lamp.
“Pfft. I’ll regret my wish? Most people would kill to have a way to make those that hurt them suffer!”
She rolled her eyes and went to leave, then grabbed the lamp up and stuffed it into her backpack, not sure she wanted to let go of it just yet.
After she returned home and saw that her wishes had been granted, she and her husband made plans to finally go on the honeymoon they had always dreamed of and travel around the world. Right as they were about to head to the airport, her stepmother calls her frantic.
“It’s your father. You need to come home. He’s dying.”
“What!? What do you mean home? I thought you left him and that he just had some sort of sickness?”
“I did leave him but I got a phone call from Ross and he told me he was at the hospital with your father. That he had just collapsed and the doctors say there is no cure, he’ll be dead in a very short time.”
She stared at the phone and promised her mom she’d be there soon.
She and her husband went to the airport, canceled their flight to Scotland, and made one to Georgia to get to her parents.
Her father died a day later. As she was walking out the cemetery, holding on to her husband, she heard a familiar voice call her name.
“Did you think you could get rid of me that easily?”
She looked up to see Christian standing about 5 feet away from her, a grin from ear to ear.
“Why aren’t you in jail? I heard you were finally arrested! And how did you find us?!”
Her husband’s grip loosened as he started towards the man that had raped his wife 30 years before. She grabbed his arm before he could get too far.
“Don’t honey.”
Christian laughed. “You have forgotten after all these years? I know too many people and I will ALWAYS find you. I told you that back then, and it will always be that way.”
“Not if I put you ten feet under you won’t,” growled her husband.
Christian holds up a piece of paper.
“You can’t. I have a restraining order on both of you. Told the cops that Beth here just had me arrested cause I spurned her advances and you were added when I told them you were psychotic and had violent tendencies.”
She sat down on the steps, still holding on to her husband crying as Christian walked away laughing.
The genie was right…I did regret my wish.

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