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Love this! Thank you for sharing what started your journey!!

Lois Joy Wetherington

This whole journey began because of an old MacIntosh computer, my Mother and a report that she wanted me to write during the two years that I was home schooled, during junior high.

Mom had pulled me out of my public school after sixth grade, because of many factors, though bullying was a large one, and home schooled me through eighth grade.

So, sometime during seventh grade, she sat me down in front of this MacIntosh that she had for freelance work with the local newspapers.  Up to this point, I was able to write a cramped and crabbed run-on sentence that tried to masquerade itself as a paragraph.

So, I wrote the report.  I don’t remember what it was about any more.  What I do remember, is the next day I sat back down at this computer and poured out a story that was ten pages long.

And the…

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