Breakthroughs are tough!


So the last couple of days has been frustrating but interesting and exciting for me. My MC (Main character) has been very silent as of late but my villain has not. I started wondering who is my MC out of the two.

I just went through a webinar called Jump Start Your Novel with the phenomenal Debbie Burns and she gave us a story structure to help us outline our story. After looking over it, I decided that how I had my beginning would not fit in this story structure and got VERY stressed and frustrated. However, thanks to a lot of discussing various ideas, story plot, etc with my hubby and writing tribe, I ~think~ we have figured out how to fix things and I am working on get my beginning situated right to hook you readers.  SO YAY ME!

Also, you notice I said ‘tribe’ and ‘we’. Something a lot of people do not know/understand. Not all writers write alone.  A lot of us are realizing that having a tribe (support, accountability people, writing coaches, beta readers, etc) is a GOOD thing for us writers.  Writers forget to eat.. forget to do self-care…and have bad days where they just want to throw the computer/notebook/etc out the window and give up. Having a tried & true tribe to ‘lean into’, as Debbie puts it, helps keep those bad thoughts away, keeps us writing, and helps us remember to take care of US on those dark days or just when we get so wrapped up in writing we forget to eat.


I appreciate every person that has helped me on my journey. First and foremost my amazing husband Greywolfe. Without him, I don’t know what I would do and I sure wouldn’t be writing. I love you baby!!

Thank you to my sisters Kelly, Tammy, Terra, Patti, and Amber for all their help, their support, and putting up with my frustrations and bouncing around stories.

Thanks A TON to Ginger for helping me learn how to manage my stress better and just being an awesome friend to boot!

I can’t even say how grateful I am to Debbie Burns, the awesome amazing fan-dam-tastic writing coach and Queen Unicorn of Creative Central. This woman has seriously turned my writing all around and on its head. She has been so damn supportive, she is fun, she is loving and most of all she is SO DANG knowledgeable. She teaches us all how to handle our writing in ways that are much easier to understand and deal with than most books. She has built a wonderful group *Creative Central on FB — for women writers — only come join!*  that has the most supportive group of women I have ever seen. She also runs this unbelievable, incredible, and informative course called Fiction Expedition. Y’all… this thing is THE SHIZNIT…I am NOT lying or exaggerating here. I was in her alpha group and will be in her beta group as well being as its much longer and a lot more content than the last which makes me so excited I can’t even begin to tell you! LOL!

And of course, last but not least, my family and friends that have pushed and supported and asked for more. You all supporting and enjoying my writing means more to me than y’all will EVER know. I just hope that when my book comes out that I don’t disappoint you!.

Love all of you and I’ll be back with more news about my novel, with a proper title finally soon!

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