Character Deep Dive!

Inspiration for Khilseith Olastra – High elf mage and villain!


This past week has been a whirlwind of breakthroughs, villains, ego, and emotion.

I am not a person that is very good  at writing bad guys/villains, or at least that’s what I thought going into this Character Deep Dive with the phenomenal Debbie Burns of .

So I chose the villain of my upcoming novel to work on for the deep dive and goodness gracious the information I have gotten, the amount of writing I have done, and the breakthroughs…THE BREAKTHROUGHS!.

Now if you aren’t  writer you probably won’t understand how big of a deal this is. Some people are great at writing characters and really making the reader feel something towards them and others struggle with that. I’m not to bad at it, as long as it’s someone that isn’t evil, or arrogant, or doesn’t have the ego the size of Alaska!

But over the past five days I have found out that I actually am pretty good at it, thanks to the questions and the prompts that Debbie gave those of us that participated in her workshop.  With the workshop,  and the poking and prodding of my tribe/supporters, I am now feeling much more confident about my characters and this book. I have done so much ‘diving’ that some of the story will be changed and it looks like it will be heading into at least a second book because as of right now I don’t know if how I want this story to end actually will happen.

I am sad that the workshop was only five days and realized this morning that I miss the email we had waiting for us every morning from Debbie and the interaction from the prompts in Debbie’s phenomenal group Creative Central on Facebook (it’s for women writers only for anyone interested in joining!).

But sadness aside, lots of fun things are starting in July that will continue to help me mold my book so I can finally finish a novel and get it out there!

So I hope you all will continue to watch this site because I will be sharing my trek through The Vaedrathan Chronicles (book one to be named soon I hope!). Thanks to everyone who has hung with me and supported me through my crazy roller coaster that is my writing life!


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