Character Deep Dive Prompt #1


After being rudely dismissed from the meeting with the Queen, Khilseith went to find Aimon. Aimon has been his only true friend since they were very very young elves. As he was searching for him, he was interrupted by one of his guards..

“Lord Olastra! I have an urgent message for you from,” the guard lowers his voice to a whisper, ‘the Twilight Province. Lord Khezriel needs to speak with you right away.”

“Me!? He expects me to speak with him there?” Khilseith shakes his head. “They all know that I do not sully myself by allowing them to be in my presence!”

The guard shrugs and continues to whisper.”I do not know the specifics sir. I just know that we got a message stating that only you could talk to Lord Khezriel. Something to do with the starflower?” The guard looks very perplexed.

Khilseith’s eyes widen, the normally bright blue darkening to almost black when he hears ‘starflower’. How the hell do they know about that!? He thinks to himself. He sighs loudly and takes the message from the guard.

“Fine. Send a message telling them I’ll be there shortly.” He reads the message, crumples it up in one hand, pokes it with one long manicured fingernail, and it disappears in a puff of smoke. He then storms off to his private tower, shouting for his servant as soon as he gets there.

When the servant arrives, Khilseith sneers in contempt as he instructs the man to bring him common clothes and the darkest hooded robe he can find. Once he has these things, he dresses in what he calls dirty cloths, throws the hooded robe over them, and tells his servant to tell his wife and daughters that he will be back tomorrow as he had an important meeting and it will last into the evening. The servant is NOT to tell anyone what he was wearing when he left or the direction he is going in or the Olastra home would be short one servant.

Khilseith sneaks off into the dark forest outside of Galna Alari and goes into a cave, tapping on the far wall. As he taps, his whole body shivers and he wipes his knuckles on the robe. “Such disgusting living areas. Never understood how anyone could live in such squalor.” The wall shimmers and shifts as an entrance appears. A dark elven woman, barely clothed, with long white hair, is standing on the other side of it.

“Who are you”

“Lord Khilseith Olastra”

“Come. Lord Khezriel awaits you.”

The woman leads him into the darkness and the entrance behind him disappears. Khilseith stumbles around a moment, then a flare of light appears in his hand.

“You can’t even provide light for your guest! I was right, you all are a bunch of barbarians. You live in filth and can’t even afford lighting!” Khilseith snaps at the woman.

She chuckles. “My, she pauses, apologies, Lord Olastra. We can see in the dark and we do not get guests such as you down here, so we do not think to provide light. Plus, you can provide your own light, so there is no need for such rudeness.” She turns her black eyes on him. “I would mind your manners when you speak with Lord Khezriel if I were you or you will never see your precious Galna Alari again.”

As she finishes speaking, they reach a door. She knocks twice, then opens it. “Lord Khezirel, Lord Olastra here to speak with you.”

As he sees there is some light in the room, Khilseith douses his light, adjusts and tugs at his robe, smooths his hair, and walks regally into the room. The woman glares at him as he passes by her and then closes the door.

“AHHHH! Lord Olastra. So glad to see you made here safely.” Lord Linvanu Khezirel is seated in a throne made of stone spiders and bones and two dark elven women lounge on either side of him. His dark skin gleams in the firelight and his long white hair flows down his bare chest. He unfolds himself from the throne, showing long legs encased in black leather, and stands up. He walks over to Khilseith and looks around behind him. “You came alone? To the Twilight Province? Are you mad man?”

Khilseith, never having been to the dark elf territory before, stares at the man in front of him and his surroundings. He is so uncomfortable and in awe, he stammers at first when he answers.

“I..,” he coughs then tries again. “I am not mad. I am simply cautious. The less people that know I am here, the better.” Remembering finally why he is there, “ How do you know about the starflower! Very very few people know of that nickname.”

“Lord Olastra. There are many things we dark elves know that you don’t and many things that we know about you that others do not. Which is why I called you here specifically. We cannot let your dirty laundry get into the wrong hands can we?”

Khilseith stares at him then regains his composure. “I have no idea what you are talking about. Now what do you know about starflower? I do not wish to stay down here any longer than I need to!” He looks around, brushing his hands over his arms and chest, as if he has dirt all over him and he is trying to get it off. “How do you people live like this? It’s horrible!”

Linvanu gives a loud hearty laugh. “I thought the stories about you were just rumor. I now see you really are a pompous spoiled nobleman!” He walks back to his throne and sits.

“I have a proposal for you. Should you not accept it, you can be sure that all of Vaedrathan will know what you have done and what are wishing to do.”

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