CDD #4 Khilseith’s Emotions

Theren Mordov, Elder of Clan Brinnai and High Shaman of the Elder Council, went around to gather the rest of the elders, letting them know that something of upmost importance has happened and that they all need to get to the Celestial Sanctuary quickly. Retrieving Elders Pettoris, Anafiel, and Pavaris were easy as none of them questioned him, as was appropriate for the lesser elders. As he got to Elder Khilseith Olastra’s house, he took a deep breath before walking up the steps and knocking on the door.


Elder Olastra’s butler opens the door. “Greetings Elder Mordov. Shall I get Elder Olastra for you and would you like to come in?”


“Yes Neldor. And make sure to tell him he needs to be dressed in his finest. No, I shall wait out here.”


Neldor, nods, bows, and closes the door. A few moments later, the door flies open and one of the most stunning of elves in Galna Alari stands there. He has long platinum blonde hair that flows around his shoulders and eyes of the bluest sky you’ve ever seen. There are flecks of silver and white that makes it look like he has clouds in his eyes that can turn into an icy snowstorm when angered. He is dressed in clothes made of the finest elven silk, in dark blue and white with accents of gold and the finest leather boots in cobalt blue. Hanging on his hip, is an elegant scabbard of gold with elven runes and various symbols etched in silver and azure blue with the delicate hilt of an ancient rapier peeking out of the top of it.


His crystal blue eyes look like a winter snowstorm raging across the sea as he looks at Theren. “What is the meaning of this Mordov? It better be important for you to come to my house and drag me out at this time of night!”


Theren rolls his golden eyes, their normal dandelion gold darkening to an almost goldenrod, at Khilseith’s posturing. “Would I be here if it wasn’t important, Khilseith?” He uses the elder’s first name, knowing it would get under his skin, but also to remind him who he was speaking to. “It is extremely…..extremely important that you come with me to the sanctuary.”


“Why? Why can you not tell me WHY I must come with you? And obviously it’s important if YOU are here, but you cannot tell me until we get there and I would like to know why.  I am not going to traipse across the city getting my exquisite outfit contaminated unless I know exactly why.”


He glares at Theren, standing fully upright so that he towers over the older elf. He has one hand grasping the edge of his coat, the other hand hanging near his rapier, his fingers twitching slightly.


Theren sighs and shakes his head as he looks up at the younger elf, the annoyance clear in his tone.


“Khilseith. Why must we go through this? I am the High Shaman, the highest rank of the Elder Council and your elder to boot. Despite how you feel about me and my family personally, you really need to start remembering your place and acting appropriately. However,” he pauses and lets out a grumble. “Because I….we… do not have time for this, I will tell you.” He swallows hard, and takes a deep breath knowing exactly how Khilseith is going to react to this news.


“My daughter….our Queen… has returned to Galna Alari. Great-mother has gone to collect her, bring her into Vaedrathan, and prepare her for her future. And as an elder, you need to be at the sanctuary to greet her, welcome her home, and name her queen so that we can finally start fixing our fractured city.” He takes a couple of steps back as he waits for Khilseith’s reaction.


Khilseith listens as Theren tells him why he was at his house so late. His eyes widen as he gives Theren an incredulous stare. He grabs hold of the door and his other hand flies up to his throat.


“Lil….Liliana has returned?” The question comes out in a shaky, soft whisper. Khilseith swallows hard, his face going much paler than his already porcelain skin. “No. I don’t believe it.” He shakes his head, the hand on the door squeezing so hard, his knuckles were turning crimson.


After the initial shock, he lets go of the door and shakes his arms to try and regain some composure. He takes a deep breath, closes his eyes, lets out the breath and then as his eyes open, sparks flying across them like lightning, he starts shouting.


“How could she be here unless someone led her here? Where are the guards! Aren’t they supposed to be making sure no one could find our entrance? They must be fired at once! We can’t just allow anyone inside our gates!”


Theren watches as Khilseith has his little rant and crosses his arms. “Are you quite done? I am sure that Great-Mother has brought her through by now so enough of your theatrics and let us get going.”


He turns to go and stops as Khilseith yells “How do you know that is your daughter? Have you seen her up close yourself? How do you know it’s not one of our enemies glamored to look like her?”


Theren spins around and is back in front of Khilseith before the young elf can react and grabs Khilseith by his coat . “Do not test me youngling.” His voice deep, quiet, and controlled but with an angry undertone. “I have seen her through the scrying bowl and I know what my own child looks like. You will accompany me to the sanctuary and you will do your duty as a member of the council or you WILL be kicked off and someone else will represent your clan, do you understand me, Lord Olastra?”


Khilseith’s lips tremble and his eyes widen again in fear.  His body starts to tremble and sweat breaks out on his upper lip.

“I….” he swallows hard. “My apologies Elder Mordov. Please forgive my lack of manners. Please put me down and stop touching me. I will come quietly.”

Theren puts him down and straightens his coat out and turns to leave again. “Then let us go and prepare the princess to become a queen. At least attempt to be happy she is home,hmm?”


Khilseith’s whole body shakes with revulsion after Theren lets go of him. He brushes his coat and arms, flicks his hair with a hand, and clears his throat. Neldor, who had been standing by the entire time, hands his lord a handkerchief. Khilseith wipes his hands and his face and then throws the handkerchief back at Neldor, throws back his shoulders, and storms off after Theren.

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