CDD #3 Khilseith’s ‘Power’ Grab

The Great Owl Throne of Galrena had been missing for one hundred years and now because the rightful heir, Liliana Mordov, had returned, so too had the throne. The throne had been made by the wood elves eons ago and some of their goddess Galrena’s essence had been put into it as a way of keeping some of her magick safe should anything happen to her physical form.

Khilseith stands in front of it one night after everyone has gone home for the evening, basking in the soft magickal glow. He inhales deeply as he feels the energy pulsating from it. Never had he felt this amount of power emanating from an object before and he had been around some ancient magickal items in his time. He paces around it like a predator stalking its prey, holding his hand out, letting his fingers play in the pale green waves of the goddess’s tree energy coming off of it.

While he slowly circles the throne, his mind rages in what has become a constant battle as of late. What little conscious he has argued that this is not good. He should not be thinking about stealing Galrena’s energy. It goes against everything he’s been taught, it goes against his people, and most of all is traitorous to their goddess. Then he thinks about how much more power he’ll have tapping into Galrena’s magick. He was already quite a powerful mage, one of the most powerful in Galna Alari. But it wasn’t enough for him. He couldn’t be King right now, so he’d settle for more magickal power….for now.  He would tap into this ancient goddess’s power little by little and get so strong no one could match him and then he could TAKE the throne from that tainted wretch! THAT was what was important! Not the other elves, not their traditions, but POWER and LOTS of it.

Brushing his soft thinking aside, he starts siphoning little bits of magick as he continues to stalk around the throne, touching a wing here, caressing the chair arm there. The potent lifeblood of Galrena flows into his fingertips, travels up his arms like bolts of lightning, and combines with his own energies, making his  platinum blonde hair swoosh upwards, and causing his entire body to match the silvery-green glow of the throne. He laughs maniacally as he leaves the throne room and heads to his private tower to test out his new powers, not noticing the glow of the throne has dimmed and some of the leaves that decorate the top of it have wilted.

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