CDD #2 – Downfall of Khilseith

(this may or may NOT be in the book…I am not sure yet..breakthroughs threw wrenches that I’m still fixing!)

Khilseith sits straight up as he hears someone banging on his front door and yelling for him.

“What is going on Khil? What’s all the noise?” His wife Glynni asks sleepily.

“Dad! What’s up with the banging?” His two daughters come barreling into their parents’ room as the banging and yelling continues.

Khilseith gets up, pulling on his velvet robe that denotes his clan emblem and elder status, and waves off all of them as he storms downstairs. When he gets downstairs, his butler is cowering in the sitting room.

“My lord, they’ve got torches and waving their swords around!” he shouts from his hiding spot.

Khilseith throws open his doors. “What in the great world of Galrena is going on out here? Why are you….”

He gets cut off as he is yanked out of the doorway by the Captain of the Guard.

“Lord Khilseith Olastra, you are hereby accused of regicide by ordering the murder of Queen Miara Aekas Trislen. You are to be brought before Queen Liliana and the Elder Council to be charged.” As Captain Kelvhan Torthana told Khilseith of the charges being brought against him, he locked him in manacles and started dragging him away by a long chain attached to them.

Khilseith started shouting about his innocence, his wife and daughters standing in the doorway stunned. Most of the crowd that had followed Captain Torthana turned and followed as the captain dragged Khilseith behind him to the Celestial Sanctuary. Some stayed and yelled at Glynni and her daughters as they tried to make sense of the whole scene. Glynni tried to remain composed.

“I certainly do not know or understand what is going on but you all need to return to your homes and leave us to deal with this situation.” She then turned and ushered her daughters back into the house.

“MOTHER! What is going on? What just happened?” This from their oldest Faylen who was just firing questions in her confusion of the situation.

“Why are they accusing Dad of regicide and murder? That can be right…right?” Tiatha, their youngest and softer spoken daughter, asks with a little bit of doubt in her voice.

“I do not know what is going on girls but we must get dressed and make our way to the Sanctuary to find out. Meet me back down here in a few minutes and we shall go together. I will have the carriage come around and some extra guards just in case.”

When they arrive at the Sanctuary a few minutes later, the scene was nothing but chaos. It looked like the entire city was outside of it and they were all angry. Guards from the building came to the Olastra carriage and escorted the three women inside doing their best to shield them from the fruits and rocks being thrown at them along with the accusations and insults.

The guards bring them to the main room and all three gasp in unison as they see Khilseith kneeling in front of the queen clasped in irons and chains, wearing nothing but his pants. His normally perfectly coiffed long blonde hair is in shambles and covers his face as his head hangs down. Queen Liliana and the rest of the elders stand in front of him and the room is full of the elite guard and soldiers all armed with various weapons and full armor. The queen doesn’t even look at Glynni and the girls when they enter but keeps her cold hard stare directly on Khilseith.

“Khilseith Olastra, you have been brought here today because it has come to my and the elders’ attention that you orchestrated and ordered the murder of my grandmother, Queen Miara Aekas Trislen, have been plotting the assassination of myself and the Dark Elf King, and have attempted to bribe the Dark Elf King to assist in my demise. Do you deny any of these charges?”

Khilseith, visibly shaking with rage and fear, looks up at the queen. “Of course I deny them! What absurdity! Why would I do any of that and even if I did, what proof do you have?”

“You do not need to know how we know, you only need to know that we have all the proof we need. We all know why you would do this. You have done nothing but harbor hatred towards my family because of a choice your great-grandfather made.” Queen Liliana responds, her voice clear and loud so that all in the room could hear.

“You are human filth. You do not deserve to be on the throne!!” Khilseith screams up at the queen. “I demand these chains be removed and my clothes returned to me right now! As Elder of Clan Ainde, I should be getting treated better than this!” He demands of the other elders.

“As of right now, you are no longer an elder. You have been stripped of your title, your position on the council, your home, and your rights here in Galna Alari. Once it has been proven that your wife has known nothing of everything you’ve done, and by the look on her face she has had no clue, she and your daughters will have the home and everything you owned turned over to them,” Elder Pettoris informs him.

Khilseith’s face goes completely white as he realizes his worst fear has come true. He starts to rock back and forth, moaning and sobbing and starts babbling incoherent nonsense.

“I was tricked into it. I didn’t know they were really going to do it. My father made me do it!”

This last declaration makes everyone gasp and start questioning Khilseith’s sanity as his father had been dead almost 80 years. Queen Liliana looks at the elders and they all nod.

“Captain Torthana. Please remove the prisoner and take him down into the dungeons until we have decided what will happen to him.”

Captain Torthana salutes the queen and yanks Khilseith up by the chains and starts to drag him out. As he drags Khilseith away, Khilseith starts yelling and screaming, “NO! Don’t put me in that filthy place! I can’t deal with the dirt! I will be unclean!!” He’s so consumed by his fear of dirt he doesn’t even acknowledge his family as he gets dragged past them. Glynni holds her girls to her, all three of them sobbing uncontrollably. Glynni looks over her daughters’ heads at the queen and the elders, her eyes questioning, confused, and sheer grief showing on her face.

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