Weekends = Days Off… Right?

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Creative Wonderlust

I typically wake up between 3 o’clock a.m. to 5 o’clock a.m. EVERY single day with Charlie’s bony little paws digging into my back or him taking up my complete foot space of our queen size bed. I’m left laying on my quarter of the bed in a sad fetal position of discomfort.

<SIGH> Mental note: Have husband take Charlie to get his toenails cut! ASAP!

Anywho… I used to live for the weekends.  Those were the days when it was all play and relaxation.  Two Glorious Days of doing whatever crossed my path… Yeah, like I said, those were the days… before I had a job, before there was homework… I guess the time line would put it at grade school?

Now as I have become an adult, married, and mother of my Lil Lady and Charlie, the weekends have just become a different sort of CRAZY! Don’t get…

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