To The Abusers Of Those Who Support Us, The Abused.


Cy_IyPoXAAAKcMxI would usually begin a letter with a name but there are too many on social media that this letter applies to. I can’t start with ‘Dear’ because I don’t hold them dear. I hold them in contempt.

I haven’t been on here for a few months, having  personal problems, my husband has cancer, my brother has cancer and my son is very ill. I also have developed some kind of artery condition that may need surgery.So forgive me for my absence. I have spent a little time today catching up with events on social media and am horrified at the abuse, yes I use the word liberally, given to those on here who support victims and survivors of CSA. Me being one of them.

Some of you will know my feelings re a certain barrister Ms Hewson, I have written in earlier blogs so won’t repeat myself. I have also said…

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