Here it is! Let us take this journey together ♡

A. M. Hassan Writes

Sunny Tuesday, 9:07a.m., I’m in my spot at the window waiting to see who has what to do today. Most of them are gone already, needing to be wherever by nine, but a few seem to hold off on the pleasure of leaving just for me to see. Nicole Anderson comes out of her parents’ house, dressed to the tee. So skinny, big hair all in place. I remember when we were friends at St. Frances. We both started awkward, but by senior year she was close to being the swan she is now and I was still hiding in any shadow I could find. She got tired of being my savior and by graduation, she’d invited ten girls to out to dinner and don’t one of them was me. Oh, well. I guess I’m still getting over it, never mind that it happened eight years ago. Eight years. My…

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