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Lots of stuff going on in ‘Behind the Headlines’!  Towns/cities being populated / built up, story angle going sideways, and characters are changing to human instead of anthro due to where story line is going and concern about easier flow of story.

Thank goodness this is a first draft and I can shift things early before I really get going on the story.

So on that note..I’m gonna give y’all a little bit of a teaser! Yay for teasers!

“Seems Mr. Bennett made sure that Leo, uhh…Mr. Covaci saw your interview, Miss Andrews,” her boss says as he moves back behind his desk.

“And I am very impressed. Very impressed,” he gives Suzie a crooked smile. “That is why I am here, Miss Andrews. I am in need of a good journalist. Sadly, Rivenpoint lacks actual journalists,” he rolls his eyes and lights up a cigarette. “Ya see, the people I employ prefer writing about gossip, food, and the next wedding instead of real news.” He grins over at Benny then looks back at Suzie.

“So, I have asked Benny here if I could borrow ya for a bit. Ya see, I have some peoples I need interviewed and you, my new friend, are just who I am lookin’ for!” He gives her a big grin with a wicked glint in his eyes.

Suzie just stares at him, then at Mr. Pindergast, then back at Mr. Covaci. “Are you..”she swallows, “Are you serious? You…you do know I am not old enough to leave town yet?”

“OH yea. I am aware we haf’ta wait a week til you are of age and such, but you is worth waitin’ for!” While Suzie stands there dumbfounded, Leopold looks over at Benny and gives him a sly wink and hands him an envelope. “This should cover whatever she’ll need and then some!”

He holds his hand out to Suzie again. “I look forward to seein’ ya in Rivenpoint in 3 weeks, Miss Andrews! You can even bring a friend or two so they can enjoy our city as well.”

Suzie shakes his hand, the look of shock still on her face. She shakes her head once she realizes his hand is in hers again. “Oh! Yes Mr. Covaci! I will be there. I shall send a note when we are on our way! Thank you so very much for this opportunity!”

Leopold snickers quietly but smiles at Suzie. “No problem! Thank you for accepting! Oh and please, call me Leo.” He gives them a slight bow and walks out, doing a little jig before he gets into the elevator.

Suzie turns to Benny, still stunned somewhat. “Did you know Mr. Bennett did this? And I really hope my folks will be ok with this!”

Benny looks at her, not a worry on his face, as his fingers play with the wad of cash that was in the envelope Leo handed him.

“I have no doubts they will let you go. Especially when they find out that all your expenses are paid, you will have play money, AND I’m giving you a raise on top of that!”

He grins and waves her away. “Now go find something to report for tomorrow’s paper. We’ll talk about this more once you have turned 16 next week and we can plan your trip. Also decide who you wish to take with you, although I am sure Sally will be going with you.” He laughs and goes back to counting the money on his desk.

Suzie nods. “Of course sir! Thank you for this! I promise I won’t let you down!”

As she practically runs out of his office, Benny mutters to himself, “Let’s hope not. The organization doesn’t take kindly to screw-ups.”

I hope you enjoyed the update and the teaser! Be sure to leave a comment or come follow me on my various social media to keep up with the goings on in my world of Lotharia©.5600149ae6d669ccd4b66e3f304bf097



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