Motivation and Word Count


Since I started writing with regularity, as the above pic says, my desire to write has grown. This new world that is growing every day is fun and I really hope everyone enjoys it once I have the stories published.

Yesterday’s Word Count was 1594, bringing the total count for the first story of Tales of Llanbriar Crossing to 6776. I was hoping to finish it yesterday, but apparently the story isn’t done yet but hopefully should be done over the next couple of days before the weekend gets here. I am really excited to have his done and get some beta readers to look over it while I start the next story. After talking with my best friends and my editor, I am hoping to put together about 5 or 6 for the Tales book, I plan on being busy busy this year. On top of that, I am hoping to finish the first Cassari book, Gem of Krysvaris© and another short story collection that I am doing with Pattimouse with the critters of Birchwood Grove.

All of this could not be possible without the amazing support I have gotten from my closest friends, my husband, and a lot  of new writer friends as well. They keep me going when I want to stop and I love them for it. They have helped me see that I am good at this and I should NOT stop because of my own self-doubts and I definitely shouldn’t stop just because some people don’t like what I write.  So thank you, all of you, for helping me work on realizing my dream.

~Love, Peace, and Blessings~


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