The Mouse Journalist


Suzie was out of breath by the time she caught up with Sally. The cold air didn’t help much, being as she had asthma, but the young mouse was not going to miss this opportunity.

“Why didn’t you wait for me? You know I want to get this story!” She chastised her friend as she pulled her red sweater tighter around her. “I barely had time to get dressed properly!”

Sally, Suzie’s best friend, just shook her head and twitched her bushy tail. As a squirrel, the snow and cold didn’t bother her as much and she sometimes forgot that Suzie had to bundle up before she came outside in this type of weather.

“I’m sorry Suzie! I was just so excited that I forgot. Come on! You can yell at me later, we’re gonna be late!” Sally grabbed Suzie’s paw and pulled her along down the street towards the bookstore where their favorite author, Bradley Badger, was going to be signing his latest book and reading a bit of it.

There was quite the crowd lined up outside of The Whimsical Owl Cafe & Book Store. Luckily, because Suzie is a journalist for their local paper, they ran along the side street and entered through the side door. As soon as they entered, they shook themselves so the loose snow would fall on the concrete floor right inside the door, stomped their feet to get the wetness and other yuck off of their boots, and Suzie hung her sweater on the hook near the fireplace. They warmed their hands up as quick as they could then Suzie grabbed her pencil and notebook out of her satchel, hanging the satchel under her sweater when she was done, then they went to find Rebekah Owl, the owner of the store.

As they walked up to where the Great Horned Owl was, Rebekah let out a huge sigh of relief. “Suzie! Oh thank goodness! I thought you weren’t going to be here, what with the snow and all!”

“I am so sorry Miss Rebekah. I didn’t realize what time it was! But we are here now. What do you need us to do? Where should we sit?” Suzie apologized, turning a bit pink in embarrassment because she was never late, but leave it to her to be late on an important and special day!

“Will Suzie get to interview Bradley Badger!?” Sally squeaked out.

Rebekah shrugged at them. “I have not had a chance to ask him but I am sure he will answer a few questions.” She turned to Suzie. “Just make sure you have the questions ready before you sit with him. He is very, gruff shall we say, sometimes and the more prepared you are, the better the interview will go.” One of her clerks came over and whispered something then Rebekah turned back to the girls.

“As for where you are sitting, just go ahead over to the lecture area and sit near his table. This way when I tell him who you are, he can see you right away and know who to talk to after his presentation.”

The girls nodded, squealed quietly jumping around a little, settled themselves and walked to the lecture area as calm as they could make themselves. This was going to be the best day of their lives!

The girls made their way to the seats directly in front of the author’s table and settled down.

“Looks like all of Llanbriar Crossing is here!” Suzie exclaimed quietly. The two friends looked behind them and it definitely looked like their whole town was in attendance. Two rows behind them sat Snips the baker. He was a Finch, colored in varying shades of brown and gray, and was a great baker. He was almost always covered in flour though, as he was very excitable. Currently, he was hopping around in his seat chattering at Nike, the postman. He is a Hummingbird, so he was flitting around the bouncing Snips as they discussed the book Bradley Badger was going to be talking about today. In the row next to them sat some of Suzie’s siblings along with some of Sally’s sisters. They all waved to the two and tried to control their excitement. Suzie’s family had literally been abuzz since they found out Bradley Badger was signing books, reading some of his new book, and the possibility of Suzie getting to interview him. She hadn’t been working at the Llanbriar Review long, and the fact that Mr. Pindergast put her on this assignment was a huge thing!

Now, just to clarify here, everyone in town has known Bradley Badger most, if not all, of their lives, so he is not just some big time author to them. He is a town legend, and his wife Trixie is the town doctor/herbalist.

To be continued…



**Picture found on the internet. Used only for inspiration**

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