Bio of Lucian Varaganti

Yesterday was Shadowrun, today is Vampire the Masquerade. Gotta love a writer’s brain! Lucian is an MC (main character) in a story I started a year or so ago, called Immortality *name subject to change*, and he apparently decided that I needed to pay him some attention. Anyone reading this that has played VtM™ knows that Toreador love attention and god forbid if you ignore them LOL. So, anyhoo, I hope you enjoy the little bit of background I have typed up and shared with you all.


Lucian Varaganti, clan Toreador. Rebellious, gorgeous, sometime troublemaker, but all around pretty good guy…for a vampire. He was 20 years old and had just finished art school. His teachers all said he’d be THE next best artist in the country if he played his cards right. Well, he had everything planned out, decided to go celebrate his graduation, and that is when he met Andre Devereux. Andre, the beautiful creature that changed everything for Lucian that night, at one of the most upscale nightclubs in Milan, Italy. Due to where and when he grew up, he couldn’t let it get out that he liked both genders. However, since he was now an adult, he didn’t hide it as much, and having someone as exquisite as Andre paying attention to him didn’t help. When Andre turned him, so much was intensified. His love for art, his painting, the colors, tastes, everything. Andre taught him what it took to be a Toreador, not that Lucian really needed any help in that aspect but he needed to be taught about the Masquerade.

Due to his artistic abilities, Andre suggested that Lucian move to Austin, Texas in the United States, where it would be appreciated more. So, Lucian told his brother, Salvatore, what he was doing. Salvatore, worried about his younger brother, decided to go over to the US with him. They packed what they needed and thanks to some strings Andre pulled, they immigrated to the US.

It took them a bit to get adjusted to the way things were in Texas, but not long. Andre set them up in a apartment above a small gallery he owned and set up a date for Lucian to show his art. Unfortunately, a couple months before Lucian’s premiere, Salvatore found out what Lucian was and went out drinking as he was very upset to find his brother was one of the undead. He got into a couple fights and caught the eye of one of the Gangrel. In a moment of emotional turmoil for how he felt about Lucian, he gave himself over to Cristof, not knowing what that was going to do to his relationship with his brother. When Lucian told Andre after the confrontation with Salvatore, Andre told him he could no longer be around Salvatore except when the Prince of the city requires it. He had to remind Lucian that Gangrel and Toreador do not get along due to their different outlooks on life. Lucian knew this, but his heart was still broken. He and his brother had always been close and now they were torn apart. Although he was a vampire, being a Toreador his passion was heightened tenfold. It took him weeks to recover, but eventually the pain eased and he was able to move on, especially once he saw that Salvatore didn’t seem to care as much.

After everything quieted down, Andre introduced Lucian to Victoria Kildare, the curator of his gallery Immortality. He and Victoria, along with their ghouls, worked to get his artwork ready and set up for his first showing. Lucian hoped his showing would go well and set him on his path to stardom.

**picture used for inspiration only.**

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