Sneaking In


Writing Prompt I did based off of the above photo that I took a couple of days ago when we had some really thick fog.

The lights were coming through the fog at a fast pace. I hoped it was just someone passing and not looking for us. Talking softly into the com-link attached to my ear, “Hold positions. Vehicle ahead.” I stayed crouched behind the bushes while my companion stood as still as possible behind the tree. Not an easy feat for a 8 ft 650 lbs troll but the darkness and fog helped. We waited for the car to pass, then continued down the street when we felt it was far enough away to move. We made our way down the street, using the buildings to shield us from any car lights or anyone who may be on the street.

My partner, Atticus, stopped quick and I ended up running into him, causing Codex to cuss at me when my comlink squawked as it brushed up against Atticus’s lower back.

“Drek  china what the hell!”

‘Sorry Codex’ I whispered. “Atti stopped short’

“Hoi! Do ya mind? I stopped for a reason” Atticus grumbled at me.

He then shifted a little to the side so I could peek around his massive torso and pointed in front of us. Nothing but open space between us and crossing the road to get to the corp. “Codex. What is the best way for us to get across without being seen?” After a few seconds, Codex came across the comlink.

“Go back to the end of the block and as long as there’s no traffic, dart across the dark patch where the fog is the thickest, then stay close to the patch of woods and brush til you get to corp.”

“Roger that,” I replied. I looked up to make sure Atticus heard and we turned around to follow Codex’s directions.

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