Good Morning Fairies!


Morning everyone. As you see, the coffee fairy is helping me get going this morning. Yesterday/last night was such a busy time and I got SO much accomplished I am so so proud but sadly the SLEEP faerie  and the lack of pain faerie failed me at around 4am so had to take meds and I am still dragging due to them.

However! I wanted to share with all of you that I have pretty much the entirety of Gem of Krysvaris – an Ilune novel planned out thanks to an AMAZING writing mentor and some AWESOME soul sisters!  I have 6 1/2 pages of notes in a regular notebook, a notepad on the laptop with some notes/questions to still go over, AND my storyboard has been started! It’s amazing what you can do when you have people with the same likes and/or careers that you can bounce ideas off of and get questions answered that had you scratching your head!

Thank you again Patti, Tracy, Julie, Kelly, and Debbie for ALL our ideas/questions/assistance yesterday/last night!


^^ This is my storyboard with the outline posted so I can start adding in all the YUMMY details/ideas that got worked out yesterday!

So once the coffee fairy gets me nice and caffeinated I should be raring to go get all those notes put up on the board and hopefully get some writing done on the story today *fingers crossed!*

Hope you all have a wonderful day today and I shall keep you updated with the work and hopefully next storyboard picture will be FULL!!

Fairy blessings!


*All images used are found on Ecosia images search unless otherwise stated!*



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