Stress, Fighting the Muse, and Becoming ME

Creativity takes Courage


This past week has been one of those weeks. Hell..let’s be honest..the last few MONTHS have not been easy to get through. Family members in and out of the hospital, stress between family members, lies being unveiled, political upheaval, shootings left and right, and last but not least, fighting Melody (my Muse).

Thanks to my sisters, my husband, and awesome Chakra group I joined (that introduced me to some fantastic people), I am learning to let go of what doesn’t serve me (thank you Debbie Burns and LuanaLei Turetzky!) and I am learning to not fight Melody so much(thank you pattimouse!). If Melody wants me to write about something, that’s what I am writing about, instead of telling her, “no..this is what ‘I’ want to write about”. Fighting her has not helped my writing so doing things her way is making it a bit easier.

So, despite the mass amount of stress and worry and heartbreak I have had, I AM managing to write again and I am working on being a better me. I have lost some people in this process, I have gained some people, and I am working on forgiving someone that did the ultimate betrayal.

I just want to thank everyone that has helped and is still helping me get through my various stresses. You know who you are and just know that I love all of you and hope that I can return it all tenfold.

~Blessings and Love~

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