Ever have too many thoughts?



Ever have a time where you have writers block, then  your muse shows back up and has like a million ideas and can’t stay focused on thing!? Yea, that sums up how I feel right now.

I was working on my Birchwood Faeries story and my third Woodland Adventures story, had a lot of stress and was sick and my creativity went out the window. Finally started writing again when I found an old prompt (See A Goddess, the Fae, and a Witch blog), have done some writing on that, and today, I’m tired and frustrated because now I have a couple other ideas that I want to write about but feel bad because I have the three above stories I still have to finish!

So to all you author types out there, how do you find the focus to finish one story before you move on to another? Do you write out what new ideas come along so you can work on them later or just ignore them?  Any help will be appreciated because I am beyond frustrated and beginning to think maybe I should take another break from writing or maybe get on meds to help me focus better!

Thanks for listening to my ramblings!

~Love and Blessings~

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