Speaking out and why

This is totally true. This is partly why I have kept quiet. I was raped and sexually assaulted when I was 19 ..by two different people. One of which I trusted with my life for the 3 years beforehand, the other was a fellow Sailor. One of them threatned my life, the other threatened my career as we had been drinking underage. The first one continued to sexually abuse me and I could do nothing about it because he threatened to hurt my family and closest friends so I went along with it until I could get away from him and didn’t tell anyone other than 2 people who didn’t believe me. The second one, I told im I’d forget about what happened if he stayed away from me and never mentioned it. If he ever came near me or any of my friends, I would take my chances with the military and bring his ass down with me.

I agree with everything Patti said about speaking up. For those of you that have never been in this situation or known someone that has, you wouldn’t understand what it’s like to go through something like this or have to keep quiet because no one would believe you. Those of you that have gone through it, find someone who will listen. Speak up for you and for others. Together we are strong and we will win against the abusers.


Those who know me know I am a very outspoken person. I try to be as honest as possible. Mostly because my memory is awful, i really would forget the lie. Easiest way to end up caught. There are topics I voice that I know make some uncomfortable. I refuse to be silenced because what I have to say makes any one feel bad. I was told I was lying when i first spoke my truth. Others suffered because of this. I was sexually abused. I was terrified of my abuser doing exactly what he threatened to do. So it took time after to speak. He told me no one would believe me. They proved him right. I was thirteen years old when I finally found the courage. So he was allowed to continue his life, and I was thought insane. He did to others what was done to me…

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