Back to Birchwood Grove!

So yesterday I managed to get more writing done. I have now had a bad cough for 4 1/2 weeks but my energy levels are going back up and the coughing has calmed somewhat so my focus is coming back and I was able to write 1490 last night in Faeries of Birchwood Grove – Book 1 in The Mystic Lands Trilogy. This brings my total word count to 6279! Which is, to me, a HUGE thing.

I am so excited and my brain is so busy with thoughts of how this first story is going to go that I can already ‘see’ bits of what happens later in the story!

Sometimes when a writer is stuck, they will go to friends for help or they will stop writing for awhile to let their brain ‘reboot’ so to speak. Well I got to that point last night and went to my sister and fellow writer Patti for help. I needed to word a prophecy  and being as she writes poems mostly, I knew she was the person to ask — and she did NOT disappoint. I am sharing the prophecy with everyone so that you can share in the excitement, get a small glimpse into what is going on, AND to enjoy a piece written by Patti. So, without further ado:

Krysvaris Prophecy 2

She wrote the prophecy and I turned it into a picture, like it came right out of the old tome the fae found it in! So please enjoy and make sure to leave a comment so we know what you think of it!

Thank you as always for your patience and support!

Much love and Many Blessings to you and yours,



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