Finally a work in progress!

So I finally started on the actual Faeries of Birchwood Grove story! Only at 1030 words so far, but that’s just since last night. I am hoping to do a bit more after I post this blog. I just wanted everyone that follows to know that it IS coming, I promise.

I have been working on the Birchwood Gazette with my faery sisters and it has helped my Muse immensely. I really think my Muse is an actual faery instead of a typical Muse because she has a lot of ideas for the faery story and is constantly trying to get me to write in faery or elven or some  other language that no one but she understands LOL!

If anyone is interested in reading the snippet I’m sharing with everyone, you can go here: . I will be updating it here soon!

I will also hopefully have my newest book for the Woodland Adventures going soon as I think I may have found an illustrator! A prospect sent me the picture he drew of the jaguar cub and it is AWESOME! So y’all keep your fingers crossed for me and hopefully you will have TWO books to get for those avid readers in your life for birthdays/christmas/yule, etc.

So keep an eye here for updates on both books and make sure to check out the Gazette! We’ve been having a LOT of fun with that and I hope you all enjoy it as well!

Namaste and Many blessings,


il_340x270.820448340_ka9a**found here: Poemstones on Etsy**

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