Sooo…the T suggestion was Toreador. The Toreador is a clan in the tabletop game Vampire the Masquerade.  They are the artists and degenerates of VtM. They are the most sophisticated of the clans and they are obsessed with beauty…of ALL types.

Each of the clans have what are called Disciplines. They are the vampire’s abilities. The Toreador’s are Auspex,  Celerity, and Presence.

Auspex: This Discipline bestows uncanny sensory abilities upon the vampire. While Auspex initially heightens all of the Kindred’s senses significantly, that is merely the beginning. As she grows in power, the vampire can perceive the psychic auras that flow around her and even project her mind into another being’s thoughts.

Celerity: To put it simply — the more points you put into the discipline, the faster you can move.  Actual definition: The Embrace gifts some vampires with startling speed and reflexes. They can use Celerity to move with amazing swiftness in times of stress. Mortals, and even Kindred lacking this Discipline, move as if in slow motion compared to the astonishing blur the vampire becomes.

Presence: This is the Discipline of supernatural attraction. Kindred who develop Presence can inspire zealous fervor, devoted passion or unspeakable terror in mortal and immortal alike. This subtle power is one of the most useful Disciplines a vampire can have.

Each clan has advantages and disadvantages as well. Here are the Toreador’s:

Clan Advantage: Two free dots in Academics, Crafts, Performance or Subterfuge abilities at character creation (One trait in any two or two traits in one). The ability to gain one blood point for every dot of the aforementioned abilities and an additional 15 minutes out of play.

Clan Disadvantage: When presented with a work created with 3 or more dots of the Performance,Expression or Crafts abilities, or a person with 4 or more appearance-related social traits, the Toreador becomes entranced and enters a mental fugue state which can only be broken by expending one Mental Trait or by significant distraction. is where you can find more information if interested.

Hope you enjoyed!

~Namaste and Blessings~



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